The digital marketing landscape is always shifting, and the same is true with both video marketing and branding. Now more than ever, businesses can use video marketing to clearly and concisely communicate their brand message. By taking a few steps to maximize your brand’s visibility in the video, you can create video content. 

Video Marketing is on the Rise

As video compression and high-quality streaming become more accessible, more consumers will consume video. In fact, it’s expected that as much as 80% of video traffic will come from video in the next couple of years. Consumers enjoy video content more than other types of advertising and respond much more positively than through traditional mediums. This makes video marketing the perfect medium for communicating your brand.

Visual Communication is Key to Branding

There’s a wide range of video formats. Brands produce how-to videos, product reviews, entertainment, instructional content, and much more. Each video is an opportunity to communicate your brand message, whether it’s a product announcement or an informational video. But many brands overlook this powerful opportunity to build and strengthen their brand.

Visual brand assets are one of the most important parts of a branding strategy. Consumers will draw much more information from an image than from text. This is why most successful brands have a distinct colour scheme, logo, and font type. Picture Coca-Cola’s distinct red and white colour scheme, or the McDonald’s arches. These brand assets not only help customers recognise the brand, but they also convey the brand’s message. Using video communication in advertising forges a much more powerful bond with the end-user.

One of the most critical parts of creating branded video content is consistency. If you have a particular color scheme, make sure your set follows suit. Your logo should be visible throughout the video, either with a prop in the video or a watermark. Most importantly, you want to make sure your brand’s values are what motivate your content.

Authentic Video Content Builds Trust

By communicating a brand message, video content can result in more real-world sales. Consumers want authentic content more than ever before, and they resonate deeply with video. 45% of consumers reported that video is the most engaging form of content they see from brands. This is due to the growth of social media in tandem with a reduction in video costs, resulting in more and more high-quality video content.

Product videos alone increase purchases by upwards of 150%. Pair this with the fact that branding efforts can increase revenue by 25% to see that branding your video content is imperative. 

To create authentic content, it’s important to avoid too many sales plugs, calls to action, or self-promotion. Marketing tactics like this will push your audience away instead of connecting with them. Instead, find the values that your customers hold and create content around that. A gym can produce health and wellness content, while an autoshop can create engaging content about cars. 

Communicating Your Brand

As digital and video marketing evolves, it’s crucial for marketers to stay ahead of the curve. By taking advantage of video branding, you can see real-world growth, an increase to your audience, and a stronger brand. There’s so much noise in the modern marketing landscape, and branding through video is a powerful way to differentiate your business. By putting traditional marketing tactics aside, keeping consistent with your visual brand identity, and focusing on your brand values, you can create a deeper connection with your audience.

  • How Strong is Your Brand?
  • Do You Want to Build a Loyal Audience?
  • Does Your Audience Understand Your Brand Message?
  • Does Your Video Marketing Communicate Your Brand Values?

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