There is no doubt that social media has heavily influenced the world of marketing, and the way customers perceive brands. You have to keep up with the social media trends to stand ahead of the competition.

It is a powerful, effective tool, which helps brands connect with potential consumers on a higher, more personal level. However, social media is becoming crowded, cluttered with all kinds of content. This is why brands need to incorporate new techniques in order to stay on top of their marketing game. Here are 3 new social media trends you can apply in November to improve your social media marketing strategy.

Top Social Media Trends you should know about

#1 Social Customer Care

Providing customer service through social media channels is not a new concept, yet, many brands fail to use it to the full extent. When customers have questions, they first turn to social media for answers – it is convenient and quick. They expect to get their answers within 24 hours, and you can use this to improve relationships with your customers.

This form of real-time engagement is extremely valuable to brands, as well as customers. When brands react quickly on social media, other (potential) customers can see it, giving brands an opportunity to build personal relationships with their audiences, and grow the crowd of brand advocates.

Great marketing efforts are worth nothing without an enhanced customer experience. Consumers agree that they receive better care through social channels than email or calls. Use this to your advantage – exceed customers’ expectations with stellar customer service.

#2 Live and On-Demand Videos

Facebook started rolling out Live video option back in 2015. Three years later, this form of content became one of the most engaging on social media. It is being used by people and brands from different industries, for various things – webinars, product launches, event announcements, etc.

Live streaming helps brands connect to their customers on a human level while maintaining the real-time engagement. This way, the customers get a sense of belonging as they are participating in the brand’s story. What is more, with live videos you can give the customers a peek into your company’s world. Showing customers who you really are will help you create a stronger bond with them.

#3 Social E-commerce

Facebook and Instagram are no longer used only to create connections and present your brand’s personality. These networks have become a very powerful selling tool. Besides using your pages to drive traffic to your E-commerce website, you can now sell items directly through these social media platforms. Shopping on Facebook or Instagram is convenient for users because they never have to leave the platform to make a purchase.

With Holiday season just around the corner, it is the perfect time to add shoppable posts to your social media channels. To ensure that you get the maximum benefits from your business, you should be well-versed with the top social media trends.

In Conclusion

Implementing these three tips does not require many resources. However, they are extremely beneficial and they will improve your social media visibility and engagement. Stepping up this strategy before the trend catches on, you will surge ahead of the competition and stand out.

Social media marketing is a powerful tool especially if used appropriately. It can skyrocket your engagement rates and revenue. Marketers and businesses have used social media to bring visibility to their brand. There are many other ways you can engage prospective customers and audience on social media. However, if you want to stay ahead of the game, you should apply new techniques and opportunities.

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