Social media may not be your only online marketing strategy, but in this day and age of digital consumerism, it most certainly should play an integral part of your overall promotional agenda. This aplies to small businesses and large businesses, even noneprofits, alike. As far a nurturing a growing business identity is concered, social media and brand management go hand in hand. Online marketing is most definitely a fast-pace and quickly evolving aspect of business development and, as such, there are always new angles and techniques to learn. But, as it stands in the present moments, here is a basic checklist for online marketing success with social media and brand management.

We’ve seen a major shift over the past decade with regard to when, where, and how a small business markets itself locally, nationally, and even internationally. On the plus side, it became infinitely easier to reach your terget market, mainly thanks to social media. In addition to this, your target demographic now spans the glob rather than just your local market.

Isn’t that exicting?

But in order to take advantage of these massive beenefits of online marketing methods, you must possess – and know how to use – a few key “tools of the trade.” Here are your first steps toward effective use of social media for brand managemant:

1. Get a website

Not a hack/homemade looking job, but a professional, functional, well-presented website. If you know how to do this, great. If not, hire someone who does…. this will be money well spent in both the short and long term. And, to be frank, if you haven’t done this already, you’ve got some catching up to do because you’re way behind the curve. (But don’t worry….we’ll help you get there!)

As I have explained in detail in my Social Media Simplified Programm, your website the first step to build a thriving online presence. This is where you bring prospects, sell products and/or services, share your wisdome, connect, inspire, and much more.Click

2. Get a Facebook Page

….but don’t stop there! You’ll also need a Twitter account and most likely either Instagram, printerest, LinkedIn, YouTube or other scoial media platform. Sign up for seeervices such as Google places, Yelp,!, and any others that apply to yoyr business location or niche. Claim your spot on the Internet and create online presence for your business.
Remember, think twice before joining specfic platform. Do your research and make sure your ideal prospects are there and it won’t be a time-waster. If you need help to design your own social media strategy, my Social Media Simplified Program does exactly this for you.

3. Start networking

A good personality is just as vaaluable in the world of social media and brand management as a good product or service. The combination of both will help you rise to the top of the pile, even in today’s super-competitive online marketplace. By injecting an actual human persona to your social media and brand management campaign, your fans and followers – your customers – begin to develop a feeling of emotional connection and loyality. This, my friends, is the stuff that dreams – and small business success – are made of!
Question: what are your favorite social media platforms that proved to be the right choice for your business? What social media platform(s) disappointed you and why? Let me know in the comment section below.
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