The long-awaited Apple-iPhone 14 series  was launched in September 2022, after much debate on what new features Apple would be bringing to the market.

As we all know, the release of a new iPhone series always manages to shake the internet as people are curious about the latest IOS version and all the new features the product has to offer.

The iPhone 14 came in four different versions; Apple-iPhone 14, iPhone 14 plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and apple-iPhone 14 pro max. Unlike the previous series, Apple didn’t release an iPhone 14 mini this year.


For those who are used to Apple’s mini-series, you might have been disappointed when Apple failed to release an iPhone 14 mini. This is because the mini-series failed to sell as well as the other versions. The apple-iPhone 12 mini only made up 6% of the total iPhone 12 sales and the iPhone 13, only 3%. Since the apple-iPhone 12 mini sales weren’t good enough, they minimized the production of the apple-iPhone 13 mini-series and finally decided to stop production.

The  apple-iPhone 14 & apple-iPhone 14 Pro Series

The launch of the apple-iPhone 14 and apple-iPhone 14 Pro has once again, caused a bit of uproar on the internet. There’s excitement at the release of a new iPhone series and also curiosity to know just what these new iPhones can do. If you are reading this, you are probably just as eager to find out all there is to know about the new apple-iPhone 14 and the iPhone 14 pro series.

As usual, the iPhone series comes with more upgraded features than the previous, from the display to the camera quality and the storage, the iPhone 14 is getting a lot of attention. It has made a lot of people curious to know if the new iPhone is worth the hype and sensationalism.

So what exactly makes the apple-iPhone 14 and apple-iPhone 14 pro special? What are the latest upgrades that Apple has made to the latest iPhone 14 series? Well, let’s get into it, shall we?

Features Of The apple-iPhone 14 & apple-iPhone 14 Pro Series 

#1. Camera: the iPhone 14, with its dual rear camera and 2x optical zoom, comes with a 12-megapixel sensor, larger pixels, a wider aperture for the selfie camera, and a faster aperture for both the front and back camera.

Thanks to the new photonic engine and upgraded camera sensors, the iPhone 14 can combine four pixels to capture more detail in 12-megapixel photos, letting you take clearer and better photos/videos even in low light.

For the main camera, the apple-iPhone 14 pro series surpasses the camera quality of previous versions. It comes with a 48MP sensor, a 24 mm equivalent f/1.78 -aperture lens, and a dual-pixel AF. It also has a 12MP ultra-wide camera and a 12MP telephoto camera with a 3x optical zoom along with the new photonic engine features. Though it can be compared to the iPhone 13 pro camera, the iPhone 14 Pro can capture clearer, sharper, and more detailed pictures even in low light.

#2. Always-on-display: The apple-iPhone pro comes with an always-on display feature that allows your lock screen to be visible even when your screen goes to sleep. So instead of having to double tap to turn on your screen to see the time or the widgets, it’s always on.

#3. E-Sim: With the release of the iPhone 14 series, Apple decided to move entirely to e-sim technology.  Using the Embedded Sim (E-sim) means you have to install a digital SIM into your mobile device and join the carrier’s network.

#4. Display Brightness: The iPhone 14 offers 800nits of maximum brightness, but the iPhone 14 pro series have 1000 nits of maximum brightness.

For indoor content, the iPhone 14 can do up to 1200 nits, while the pro can do 1600nits. For the outdoor display, the iPhone 14 pro can be increased to up to 2000nits.

#5. Emergency SOS Via Satellite: This feature could come in handy in times of trouble. It allows you to contact emergency services when you are in a place or environment without cellular and Wi-Fi coverage. This is a safety feature to give you access to emergency services whenever you are stranded.

#6. Battery Life: The iPhone 14 pro comes with more battery life than the iPhone 14, in fact it’s said to have the best battery life so far. iPhone 14 pro offers 23 hours of video playback While the iPhone 14 offers 20 hours of video playback. Of the iPhone series, the iPhone 14 pro max offers 29 video playback giving you more battery life than the other iPhone series.

#7. Price: In the US the price of the iPhone 14 starts from $799 While the iPhone pro starts from $999.

#8. Dynamic Island: this is a cool new feature that’s only available in the iPhone 14 pro series, that is, both the iPhone 14 pro and the iPhone 14 pro max. The dynamic island is an area that automatically adapts based on what you are doing. Simply put, it’s an area that allows you to see other notifications right above your screen (where you find your selfie camera), without interrupting whatever you are doing on the phone.

Analysis Of The apple-iPhone 14 & apple-iPhone 14 Pro Series

While Apple has always managed to make desired improvements to their iPhones, over the years it seems as though they have just been recycling the former features. That is, improving the already good camera by a few pixels, increasing the RAM and ROM, battery, and the overall design of the phone.

Now people are asking, is the new iPhone worth splurging on?

Truth be told, ever since the release of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus in 2014, Apple has managed to stay in the top ten of the best phone brands because of its unique features and attractive design of the phone. They have always given us new features that kept iPhone users dedicated to the phone brand, but now the question is are they running out of new ideas?

According to CNN Business “Apple has gone from being the explorer of new territories to the defender of its fortress. Instead of attracting customers to the Apple ecosystem with breakthrough innovation, Apple is focusing on preventing its loyal customers from defecting to Android-based devices”.

That being said, here’s something you might want to consider before getting the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 pro series.

Cons Of apple-iPhone 14 And apple-iPhone 14 Pro Series

The iPhone 14 series comes with the A15 Bionic chipset which is the same as the iPhone 13 pro so if you are getting the iPhone 14, you are basically getting the 13 pro for a higher price. Because the screen size still comes in 6.1 & 6.7 inches, compared to the previous version, there are slight changes to the camera, if you want a significant change, you have to get the iPhone pro series.

This is all the information you need to decide on getting the apple-iPhone 14 series. Do you think it’s worth it?

Please share with us your opinion and if you would be getting any of the iPhone 14 series.



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