Video marketing has grown exponentially in the last few years, and that growth of video marketing looks set to continue. For many internet marketers, video content is the number one choice when trying to grow brand loyalty and increase traffic to your site. We’re going to look at why.

While lots of choices still remain for many content marketers – it’s become almost indisputable that video is one of the best ways to drive engaged visitors to your site and improve conversion rates. There are countless statistics to support such an argument. According to BrainShark, nearly 75% of all traffic this year will be video driven.


Why is video marketing the number one choice for your business?


Producing high quality video for your marketing efforts is key. Compelling video content presents a number of advantages over traditional content marketing methods. First and foremost – video content increases sales. Some estimates contend that short videos increase internet sales by up to 86%.


Video content is simply more attractive to most people online – it keeps them browsing for longer and it gets people more interested in clicking through on emails. The average internet users spends 88% more time on a site with video than one without. And they’re also 65% more likely to click through on an email with “video” in the title.


So if they’re more engaged with the content, more likely to click on it, and spend more time looking at it – it’s not surprising they’re more likely to convert to a sale. While estimates vary from 34% higher conversion rates to the aforementioned 86% – it’s still clear that video gives a huge boost to your marketing efforts.


How video content has continued to grow

Some say that more video content has been created in the last year than in the entire history of the internet up to that point. Seemingly everyone online is getting involved in video – and that looks set to continue.

Some predict that by 2018, 79% of all internet traffic traffic will be video based.

User-created video content has also seen huge growth recently. There used to be one big player in that market – YouTube (you’ve probably heard of them). But now Facebook are trying to get in on the action with their new video platform, Facebook Live.

Facebook Live streamlines the video streaming process – allowing users to broadcast live events to their entire friend network, quickly and easily. Other services like Twitch have also increased their market share.

The reach of a video that goes “viral” is unrivalled. YouTube has about 1.5 billion monthly users. The flagship video publishing platform has almost created an industry of video producers out of nothing, with countless YouTube millionaires who make all their income from video (mostly through advertising). Before video sites like YouTube, getting to that many potential viewers with your video content would have been unthinkable unless you had multi-million dollar budgets.

Why video marketing is a powerful tool for your business.

A great video isn’t just viewed online and forgotten about – it’s shared. Sharing is one of the most important steps in getting your video to promote itself and go viral. You don’t need to spend tons on marketing when great content gets the viewers to do the marketing for you. Good quality video markets itself and spreads your word for free. That’s why video content has become the number one choice for content marketers and digital marketing professionals.

Even if you’re not using video publishing platforms like YouTube – video on your site could still make a difference. More and more people are ignoring simple written content if there’s a short video to watch instead. In fact, some argue that a video is worth 1.8 million words of content. You’d be hard-pressed to get a visitor to stay and read that much about your business.

A good video keeps people engaged with your brand as it lets people actually watch what you’ve got to offer. It improves brand loyalty whilst adding a personal touch.

With production costs continuing to fall – there’s no longer a huge barrier to entry for your business to start getting into video. You can either produce something yourself, or outsource to one of thousands of competitive video production sites.

Not only has crating video become much easier (and cheaper) – so has promoting. You can share your video on all your social media accounts to really engage followers and help your brand grow. Make sure your video is optimised for mobile, as that area has seen huge growth in recent years.

If you can create compelling, creative content – you should see the results start to follow. You don’t necessarily need to spend thousands on video production if you’ve got a great idea and the passion to deliver it. You can promote virally so that your video content does the hard work for you.

The growth of video online has seen it become a foundation of many different niches – from marketing and sales to simple entertainment. It’s hard to look past the power of video.


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