About US 

digitallagos is a specialist creative digital consulting firm working to stimulate collaboration and growth within the creative community in our region.  

Digitallagos's proposition serves two distinct need;-

  1. For media owners, it gives them a professional shop window to promote and display their expert services. 
  2. Provides advertisers and agencies, technology startups, entrepreneurs, business consultants and small business owners, with emgagement based video unit that captures audience attention. 


The team at digitallagos.tv are competent, have lots of versatile experience and take pride in always producing at high level. We are knowledgeable on many marketing tactics from digital, audio advertising, SEO to content marketing and partnership outreach to guerrilla marketing and many others.

Digitallagos.tv has developed strong relationships and support from most media industry trade associations including the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) and the Institute of Practitioners in advertising (IPA)


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