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Audio digital marketing platform designed for both agencies & suppliers. digitallagos is designed with the goal to helping marketers, advertisers, and agencies of all sizes develops new marketing channels like audios on demand. 

The business model is based on two pillars of online advertising, digital services. The latter include, a video uploading and live video streaming service to its members with the ability to communicate through video and video conferencing. The video uploading and live video streaming service is offered as a SaaS scale up, on monthly and yearly subscription basis.

The team at digitallagos are competent, have lots of versatile experience and take pride in always producing at high level. We are knowledgeable on many marketing tactics from digital advertising, SEO to content marketing and partnership outreach to guerrilla marketing and all the many others

The heart of our business is serving two distinct customers need; (1) For media owners, we provide a useful, professional shop window to promote and display their expert services and (2) For advertisers and their agencies, we offer a unique platform to connect with and take advantage of the talent our many adopters have to offer. The satisfaction of our customers has proven our methodology by ensuring smoother communication and establishing better relationships across the marketing and media industries.  

With almost 1000 marketers, advertisers, and agencies of all sizes already on board, the company strongly believes that digitallagos.tv will prevail within the online advertising industry and gain a large market share in a short time with a superior website, strong customer service and an aggressive marketing campaign.

Digitallagos.tv has developed strong relationships and support from most media industry trade associations including the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) and the Institute of Practitioners in advertising (IPA)


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