The video is the most engaging and most powerful tool online. Social media channels are adapting their interfaces and algorithms to adapt to video, and customers cannot get enough of it. If you have been creating videos for some time and you are not seeing the results, there could be a few things you are doing wrong. Keep reading to find out which 7 video marketing mistakes could be preventing you from having a successful marketing video.

#1 Focusing on the Selling

If you keep pushing sales messages to your audience, you will not get very far. Customers are turning a blind eye to this kind of content, and you will have a better chance of selling if you do not focus on the sale.

Instead, try showing your product or service in action, or connect with your customers and share their testimonials. Most importantly, focus on storytelling. It could be a story of your brand, or how your products are made.

#2 Keeping it Long

This is among the most common video marketing mistakes you might be doing. Videos that are up to 3 minutes usually perform better than the longer ones, especially on social media. It is hard to keep someone’s attention for 10 minutes online when there are so many others pieces of content to see.

If you have long videos in your marketing arsenal, try separating them into smaller bits. Additionally, there are many types of short videos you could shoot for your social media channels.

#3 Creating a Weak Hook

Attention span online is getting shorter due to content clutter. Now, you have about 5 seconds to grab someone’s attention before they move to the next video. If you do not pay attention to the hook, you are losing an opportunity to attract a wider audience for your videos.

Next time you are making a video, set aside the time to think of a good hook. Think about what would make your customers keep watching. Is it a joke, or a question that will make them think? Test out a few different versions of a hook, and keep the one that is providing the best results.

#4 Having a Poor Title

While creating a video title, you need to think about two things – SEO and people. If you optimize the title with keywords and other SEO best practices, your video will be visible in searches. However, the title needs to be relevant and catchy in order for your audience to click on it.

Do keyword research to check how popular are the words you want to rank for, but add alliterations, numbers and expressive language to make the title appealing to the audience. Keep a suitable title to avoid such video marketing mistakes.

#5 Not Optimizing for Relevant Keywords

If you are optimizing your website, and your blog posts, you need to optimize the videos as well. Without doing SEO for your videos, you are missing on a chance to make them more visible.

Besides the title, you need to optimize the video description for relevant keywords. Do not stuff your titles and descriptions with keywords, make them engaging and interesting. You should also add transcript since they are indexable and can help you rank for more queries.

#6 Having an Unclear Message

Videos without a clear message cause the audience to lose interest. You need to make videos with a clear strategy and a clear message. Focus on one topic only.

The best way to ensure your video is clear and consistent is to create a storyboard and a script. This way, you will see if there are any parts that do not fit your video, and you will be able to adapt them to match your message.

#7 Not Including a Call-to-Action

Always include a call-to-action (CTA) in your videos. The audience reacts to instructions, and it is your job to tell them what they can do next, whether it’s giving you a call, filling out a form, or downloading another piece of content.

With relevant CTAs you will be able to keep the audience engaging with your brand for a longer time. However, if you forget to tell them what to do, they will just move on to the next brand’s video and keep watching.

In Conclusion

With so many businesses creating videos you need to work hard in order to stand out. Start by auditing your existing videos and check if you are making any of the 7 mistakes above. Keep this list in mind when you are creating new videos, and you will be set for success.

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