It’s no surprise that videos have become a highly popular marketing tool. Videos allow corporations to communicate with audiences on a level that drives engagement, builds relationships, and increases customer loyalty. Whether it is a video with a special message from the CEO of a company, a how-to video, a testimonial video, or a promotional video, they all have different benefits. Building an entire marketing campaign using different types of videos can only maximize those benefits – improving your campaign’s reach, and taking brand awareness and engagement to new levels – as long as we do it right. Hence, you must be aware of the top video formats to create a successful marketing strategy.

One common mistake in developing different corporate videos is the lack of consistency. A professional and reliable production company will know the value of keeping your video content consistent with your brand’s image. This means developing content with the same tone in order to reach your target audience, so that the voice, look and feel of your videos are the same. Here are the three types of videos every company should use to build a successful marketing campaign, and how they can work together to maximize its impact and benefits.

Brand Positioning Videos

Think of brand positioning videos as the foundation of your marketing campaign. It all goes back to who you are as a company – what do you do, your values, and the audience you want to reach.  Asana for example, used a stunning and effective brand positioning video to introduce customers to their values, services, and benefits. A brand positioning video introduces your business to prospect customers, and in some cases, it also provides more insight on the company’s culture. It will lead customers to want to learn more about you and your products or services. A brand positioning video will use tone and language that captures the audience’s attention, and as a result, they will be more engaged with your marketing campaign as a whole.


Training Videos

This is one of the best and top video formats you should know about. More and more companies are adding training or explainer videos to their marketing campaign. Training/explainer videos are created as a resource to customers to show them how to use a product and its features. Some companies, like Sierra Designs, go above and beyond by describing the product and answering many possible frequently asked questions. One benefit of these types of videos is that when customers see the product in use, that product becomes even more practical and appealing. Just like with brand positioning videos, training videos should keep the audience in mind during content development. The right voice will capture the audience’s attention and increase engagement when it comes to introducing the audience to promotional videos. It also shows customers that the company cares – that they want customers informed about the product’s uses and features.

Promotional Videos

Promotional videos, used on social media, websites, or TV, tend to be a little less personal than the first two. Their primary goal is to generate sales. But when combined in a marketing campaign with training and brand positioning videos, the sale message comes naturally. Look at Apple, for example. Their promotional videos are captivating from the moment their logo shows up on the first frame. That is because we know they offer quality products and they are known for innovation, so we want to know what is coming next.

When we are familiar with a company through their previous videos campaigns, the communication becomes seamless. The audience is more receptive to the message and more likely to purchase the product. Using these top video formats reinforces the message and creates a relationship with customers. It also prospects customers, maximizing the results of your marketing campaign.

Whether you are making a brand positioning video, training video, promotional video… or all, DigitalLagos offer a truly inspiring creative strategic approach, beautiful HD footage to maximize impact on production. Our team can shoot in 1080p as well a 4K, the standard in ultra-high definition video footage. Contact


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