As we have already explained, the best way to show your business on the best side is to show it with web video production. In this article, we’ll look at such a unique marketing method like storytelling with video.

High competition in the market forces the company to increase the level of customer confidence. To this end, the brand should not only decorate itself with loud slogans and original design, it is enough to tell who they are. To do this, you need to tell where you came from.

The history of the company is a unique marketing tool. This instantly increases the level of trust, as customers become interested in how you develop and start to feel like a small part of a big deal. Yes, it’s true, they feel it subconsciously.

Marketing storying in the corporate video production  is not a documentary. If you have never dealt with this, you should learn the basic techniques of the right promotional video.

Take Short Videos

Quick videos are the new black in 2018. Advertising has become very fast. People do not want to spend too much time on you and your brand, but they will gladly get to know you closer in 60 seconds.

Many believe that for a story about your company in the online video marketing, it’s 60 seconds. And this is the truth. By making your video longer, you run the risk of losing interest in the viewer. So, the first rule is to make a short video.

Get the Viewer to Remember You

For this advice, we have a couple of tricks. First – make a catchy intro. This means that the first 2 seconds should completely enchant the viewer and make him know about your company. It can be a bright slogan or an impressive picture but do not blame it all at once… A person should be concentrated on something bright, but unambiguous.

Be Honest

Nobody likes liars. You can rely on the fact that no one will check the information you provide in the video, but sooner or later the truth will be found. It is important for modern companies to maintain their reputation, so do not fantasize to create another impression of yourself. Tell a true story. If it is not interesting, tell us about your plans and advantages.

Solve the Problem of the Client

Even if you talk about yourself, you should think about the client. Your task is to satisfy the customer. You can not say “we invested this money so you could buy more.” Your storytelling with video must be strong enough to convey your message. In business stories, if this is a marketing video, no one really talks about business. They talk about how the service was created, aimed at offering the CLIENT the best product.

Seeing your story, they should know that you are trying for them. You devote all your time to what you love and gladly give them a part of yourself. It is these thoughts that should remain with the client after watching your video. The story of the business that you will tell clients at the meeting, and the story for clients – are two different stories.

Scenario and Design

Of course, the technical part of creating a video. You should hire the best video marketing agency, the best video editors, and scriptwriters. Even uploading videos to YouTube, you run the risk of failing if your video is worse than your competitors.

To begin with, you should independently study trends by viewing dozens of commercials with company stories. Find out what attracts you, pay attention to the design. Then you can discuss all this with your team.

Watch this video to learn more:


Corporate video film makers are sure that video marketing is the most effective advertising tool for Generation X. It is the modern generation that is targeted for most businesses because they are active Internet users and people ready to spend money on new things. Use modern opportunities and try to use storytelling with video as much as you can.

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