We remember Instagram with minimal functionality when you could publish photos and flip through the news feed. Now the platform does not stand still and adds new functions for web video production. The new Instagram’s IGTV feature is worth your attention. You should note that the developers do not come up with anything new and only contribute to the application functions of other popular applications, thereby adding popularity to Instagram and eliminating competitors. Who said that it’s impossible?

June 21, the world saw a new update platform – video service IGTV. It’s strange that the concept of YouTube on Instagram had to wait so long. But now the app is equipped with almost all functions and types of content. Although, who knows what else the developers will want to add.

Platform Features

IGTV proved that soon all videos will become vertical, just as the photos have become square as one more standard one. Although, many users turn their horizontal videos and publish on Instagram.

The video for ordinary users can last up to 10 minutes, while media personalities with a large number of subscribers and a tick near the name can download hourly videos. By the way, before, it was not like this. Ordinary citizens and celebrities all got the same opportunities.

You can download a separate IGTV app, but it is not necessary at all – the main application also has this Instagram’s IGTV feature. The purpose of a separate application is still unclear to many users, given that many of them even complain about interruptions in the work of the new service.

The application reminds Snapchat with video. Here is a similar functionality with pages that are turned over by swipes. But it looks stylish and minimalistic. You do not need to register or enter your login and password, the application specifies your existing account on Instagram.

There are 3 categories here, to which you can go. In the first, you can see the Instagram recommendations for viewing. Next – your subscriptions. The third category is popular videos. And “Look further” is the videos that you started watching and now you can continue.

You can create your own Channel to broadcast for online video marketing. Also, you can easily comment on videos, send them to Direct to your friends and share in Stories. Despite the fact that we still cannot upload photos to Instagram and the web version of the application, we can do this with video on IGTV.

Each video marketing agency noted the main difference and advantage of the video service Instagram. Now you do not need to look for a video on your own, the most interesting is the service that you get.

Instagram’s IGTV feature is going to improve and develop corporate video production, so in the future, we can see a full-fledged competitor – YouTube.

Why You Should Create a Channel for Your Business

This is exactly what corporate video film makers social media believe. YouTube should strengthen its functionality and focus all efforts on developing new features for the platform. We are sure that soon full-fledged IGTV-vloggers and channels will appear, which are broadcast exclusively on this site.

Instagram creates all conditions for users, forcing them to delete accounts in other social networks. Initially, Instagram lured some Facebook users (although Facebook solved this problem), then it absorbed the developing Snapchat.

That’s why entrepreneurs should pay attention to a new platform for promotion, even if to date Instagram has not yet implemented tools for monetization. It’s only a matter of time. Learn to take the maximum advantage of Instagram video advertising.

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