Storytelling in video marketing is a powerful tool especially when it comes to connecting and getting the message across to your audience. It has a widespread influence and can help you increase your audience and revenue. Marketers and businesses have used storytelling in video marketing to bring visibility to their brand.

It is true, storytelling in video marketing has an impact on people, but if you want to increase brand awareness to more than 50%, you need to tell your story in the form of a video. Not all videos bring engagement, and that is why you should focus on standing out from your competitors by creating powerful storytelling videos. How do you do it? Keep reading to find out more.

The power of a good story

The reason why more than 80% of online marketers use videos today is people learn more about a product and business.

  • Many small and big business create videos daily, but only a few of those videos are engaging.
  • There are millions of videos created online every day, and it is crucial you stand out from the crowd when creating a video. Be unique.
  • Sometimes you might bump into a video that has a title that drew you to it, but half the video is about something not related to the title. Stick to the story if you want to keep people watching through the video.

Today you are going to learn how to use storytelling to create incredible videos in 5 simple ways.

The main character

The first few seconds of your video are the most important, and this is the time to draw your audience attention. Other companies or businesses are offering the same products or services you do, and potential customers are looking for that unique characteristic in what you offer.

  • You should ask yourself what the story is about? The story should be about your consumer since they are watching your video to find a solution.

  • Make the story and video short and valuable to the viewer. 68% of people choose short videos that explain more about a product or service.
  • The viewer would like to know who you are, what you do, and how are you going to solve their problems. The target audience is more focused on what you have to offer them than the history of your company.

The story aligns with the message

You can have a great title and introduction to your story, but if you don’t stick to the purpose of your video, you can’t keep people watching it ‘till the end. The viewer needs to know certain information like:

To achieve the best storytelling video, it is essential for you to plan for it in advance. Planning gives you enough time to think and write down the relevant information you want in the video. What are you planning? The plot of the entire project that entails;

  • Creating a video that will communicate even without audio. Did you know more than 80% of videos on Facebook are viewed with the sound switched off?
  • Writing down the ideas on paper will help you remember everything rather than storing every concept in your mind. The possibility of forgetting is very high.
  • You should ask yourself which sound or music track will go well with your story? You can have separate music for each scene.
  • Focus on target audience when creating the storytelling video. Does the first impression of the video make the audience to thirst for more?

What will you use to find good stories?

People love stories, and it doesn’t matter whether you are doing a corporate presentation, or it is about a particular topic they will always want to know what the story is about. The story needs to be interesting to grab the attention of the audience, or else nobody will want to view your story to the end. What should a good story be like?

It should grab the audience attention

Now that your audience is attentive, you have given them the story they are looking for. At this is the time curiosity pops in, who are you? What do you have to offer?

  • The story should relate to your audience in such a way that it evokes emotions.
  • A good story should flow sequentially. You can have the body in the beginning then the conclusion at the center.

Stories about failed video marketing

When creating a storytelling video to market your brand, you focus on how the video will bring in more sales. If your video doesn’t meet all the requirements needed to attract buyers, then it becomes an epic fail. What makes a marketing video fail?

  • Use of the wrong words. You should know the meaning of each of the words used in your video so as not to give the wrong message.
  • The story should focus on the audience if not, the viewers will stop watching when they feel the video doesn’t address their needs.
  • Since your brand is the solution to the problem, it should be in the video and without that the story is useless.
  • At the end of every marketing video, there’s always a call to action. When you omit the call to action on how your audience is going to get the solution to their ailment, how else are you going to make sales?

Explanatory story

The difficulty level of the language you use in your story will depend on the type of audience you are targeting. If you are a B2C, your target audience is the consumer, and they are a mix of educated and slightly educated. For this case, you need to use easy to understand vocabularies that are recognized by both parties. If your focus is on companies or other business, you can use technical terms.


These tips will help you improve your reach and gain some brand visibility and it won’t take much effort to implement them either. If you take the initiative now, before this trend catches on, you’ll surge ahead of the competition and stand out.

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