Incorporating video ad content into your marketing plan is a great way to engage your audience and boost results. Unfortunately, without the right strategy, it can be extremely time consuming – and you run into the risk of limiting your exposure. There are however, ways to make the process more cost and time efficient, and that can be accomplished by repurposing your video ad content and sharing it across different platforms. By doing so, it maximizes your reach, the life of the ad, and ad results. Here are some ways to repurpose your video ad content.

First, ensure that your video is still relevant. Short-term promotional videos may not always be the best to repurpose, but if you have a video promoting the brand in general, or even a specific product, you can easily repurpose that video, saving time while increasing your ROI.

Add New Distribution Channels

There is no doubt that distributing your video ad across different platforms can increase your reach. But if your video ad was created for your website or YouTube and you’re planning to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, keep in mind that those audiences are more distracted, and usually, in a hurry. Consider repurposing your video by making a few edits to shorten it. “Shortening the video significantly for the ad repurposing is sure to increase the amount of people willing to pause and watch.” (

Mixing Your Video Ad With New Content

Creating new content is always a great way to generate traffic to your blog, YouTube channel, and social media. You can take advantage of that by incorporating your video ad into your new content. With your blog, you can simply upload your video within your post. And with a few shorts edits, you can add your video ad within your new YouTube videos – whether it is a testimonial video, a Vlog, etc.

Re-use Facebook Ads with Social Proof

Repurposing your video ads with social proof is a technique that can quickly attract new audiences and increase your ROI. Social proof improves the way others see your ads. There are a few ways to accomplish that. One is to start out by selecting your current social media followers as the target audience for your ad. They will like, share, and comment on your ad. At that point, you can edit/shift the target audience to focus on new clients, who will see those likes, shares, and comments on the ads, which gives you credibility.

Imagine how much time you can save by repurposing video ads. And the best part… your savings can be used to increase your ad budget, reaching even more people.

How much of your old video ad content could you repurpose?

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