Pokemon Go has broken all the previous records. Just during its launching month, the smartphone game has gained a user-base of $100 players and earned $200 million revenue. This exceeds the 30-day income of games like Cash Royale by two times and Candy Crush So Saga by four times. Companies are earning a great deal by selling game’s T-shirts, watches, and what not. And now, these are some hottest gadgets for Pokemon Go fans that are trending everywhere!

So brace yourself for the amazing gadgets for Pokemon Go that fans are buying all over the countries where the game is available now.

1 Pokemon Go Ball Shift Knob

Pokemon Go Ball Shift Knob

You instantly fall in love with the look and feel of this Ball Shift Knob. This is a fine way to tell your car passengers that you are a great P.G fan. The $46-gear shift ball is available for all kinds of cars and good thing you can get it on Etsy because they ship products all over the world.

2. Perfect Aim case for iPhone 6/6s

Perfect Aim Gadget for Pokemon Go

Do you really hate it when the Pokeballs miss the target? Perfect Aim is the perfect treat for you. This smart case is available for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The casing wraps around your phone flawlessly, even around the screen. A gap is left out in the center so you can slide your Pokeballs directly at the target. Since your fingers swipe in a perfectly straight manner, the chances of successful hits are dramatically increased. At $10.99, Perfect Aim is a fun investment to get more XPs on the game.

3. Poke Ball portable battery charger

Poke Ball portable battery charger for Pokemon Go

Poke Ball portable battery charger is the coolest gadget for Pokemon Go that you can buy today. Apart from its signature Poke Ball shape, it is lightweight and you don’t need to even hide it because its beautiful cartoonish design is something to boast off. It’s 5,300 mAh battery is more than enough to supercharge your smartphone for another day. The ball features LED indicators that separately indicate whether the battery is charging or the charger is correctly charging your mobile phone. It comes packed with a USB Type-A port for phones and micro-USB cord for recharging. A clip has also been provided so you can just hang it on your belt, bag, or on the wall.

4. Pokemon Go Plus

Pokemon Go Plus gadget

There is a reason why Pokemon Go Plus the best gadget for Pokemon Go on our list. It is hassle-free and very useful. It is a wristband connects with your smartphone and vibrates whenever a Pokemon is nearby. This helps you collect more Pokemon on the without having to keep your eyes on the phone all the times. The best things in life aren’t easy to get. Unfortunately, the gadget is currently out of stock in the US, but fans in the UK can pre-order them at Nintendo.co.uk.


Get the hottest gadgets for Pokemon Go today, fans don’t be late or they could get sold out.


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