Having a good content marketing strategy is a great way to gain exposure and more traffic to your website. If you have good articles and content, you’ll attract visitors and show them your knowledge and authority in your field. This has an impact on your business reputation and can help increase your customer’s trust in you. However, content marketing needs to be handled carefully because only good quality, relevant content can impact website traffic.

To create good content, you need a solid team of skilled and creative people with a great content marketing strategy plan. You can outsource the content marketing services or create an in-house team capable of generating the right volume. You don’t need a large team with different skills to generate good content at a decent volume and fewer people can handle the job too.

Creating great content is just the beginning, it’s extremely important to have relevant keywords strategically placed throughout the content, titles, tags and images you place on your website.

How Can a Small Content Marketing Team Help Your Business?

Once you have a plan in place for creating and optimizing your content, it’s just as important to have a content marketing strategy on what you will write about, how often you will post and how long these types of posts will be. The optimal length for a blog post is between 500-600 words. The topics you choose for your posts can be about your businesses, products and services, industry news, and anything relevant that your audience will find beneficial or helpful. Your plan should be to write at least 1 blog post per week to keep your content fresh and keep your audience coming back to your website to look for more information.

Sometimes, less is more; and a smaller content marketing team can offer several distinct advantages. Most businesses can’t afford large teams with people of varied skills; but smaller teams work just as well if you hire the right individuals and plan content creation well. Here are some reasons why small teams are a good idea.

InvestmentOne of the biggest advantages of small teams is that they require smaller investments. You only need to hire a few good people and make room for them in your company. They’re a great option for business owners who’re on a limited budget and people who value quality over quantity.

NimbleSmaller teams are more flexible and can alter content or change things around easily. They can adapt to new techniques and information quicker and implement them in content marketing more smoothly. Small teams have a distinct advantage over large marketing teams where communication is bogged down and slow.

Management – The more people a team has, the more difficult it can be to manage; and every business owner understands that. In large teams, you have to manage and plan around different tempers, skills, preferences, and weaknesses, which can be stressful and time consuming. It’s easier to keep track of individuals in small teams and encourage them to work as a cohesive unit. Managing a small team will still require strategy and effort, but it’s easier and less time-consuming, which is a big advantage for any business owner.

Varied Skills Many people assume that small teams can’t handle different kinds of content marketing and can limit the potential of campaigns. That’s not necessarily true; because it depends on the kind of people you hire and how to manage the team. Smaller teams can easily generate email marketing copies, blog posts, long-form content like ebooks, etc. All you need is a skilled team, the right plan, and reasonable content-creating demands and timelines.

As you can see, you can create successful content marketing campaigns with small teams as well. If you have a small skilled, hardworking team, and a good plan in place, there’s no reason why you can’t succeed.

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