get Corporate videos are engaging, highly effective, and provide great return on investment. They are designed to deliver your message in exciting ways, and with that, comes many benefits. Airbnb, for example, uses corporate videos to share their brand’s story, community stories, and more, to engage with their costumers. In fact, they have an entire YouTube channel dedicated to their corporate videos. Regardless of your industry, when it comes to this type of visual content, consumers love it, and companies enjoy its many benefits, including increased brand awareness, increased online reach, and high returns on investment. Corporate videos also keep customers engaged, and depending on the purpose of the video, increased engagement also applies to employees. Here are a few types of corporate videos that you will definitely want to invest in.

Why should you Invest in Corporate Videos?

Brand Story: we often visit new companies’ websites and find a lot of text about who they are, their mission, and what they do. Now, imagine having all of that information in a creative video format! Using corporate videos to share your brand’s story on your website or social media, is the perfect way to introduce your company to costumers in a quick and effective way. Whether the video is presented by the CEO or by the company’s spokesperson, it puts a face to the company’s image, and viewers can clearly identify the company’s history, mission statement, and products or services.

Promotional Video Ads: promotional video ads showcase your product or service. Whether you are producing a video ad for TV broadcast or for social media, promotional video ads are excellent tools when it comes to return on investment. Promotional video ads for social media tend to have fewer restrictions than the ones intended for TV broadcast, more flexibility on production costs, and the added benefit of social media shares, which could potentially lead your video to going viral.

How-to Videos: the days of reading long manual instructions don’t exist anymore. Customers love having information that is quick and easy to access. Nowadays, when people purchase a new product that requires instructions, they go straight to YouTube ( to find user videos on how to setup or use the product. Why not go ahead and provide customers with access to that video, straight from the source? And while they are on your website or social media pages checking that out, chances are, they will look at other products too.

More about Corporate Videos

Customer Testimonials: producing videos featuring customer testimonials is another great way to connect with new costumers. You can also introduce current customers to new products or services. One of the keys to producing customer testimonials is to select customers who are articulate in front of a camera. After all, you don’t want their valuable and honest feedback to sound scripted. Customer testimonials are great for increasing sales.

Training Videos: training videos are one of the most effective ways to train employees while saving time and money. You don’t have to hire training staff or shift schedules to provide training. It allows employees to learn at their own pace. They also have the opportunity to revisit training materials when needed. Another major benefit is that training videos tend to fit different learning styles. So employees get the most out of it.


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