Email marketing is an effective and cost effective way of communicating your brand message and driving online sales. If you have never considered deploying a proper email marketing strategy for your business yet, you had better think again. With a projected 3 billion email users by 2020, businesses simply can’t overlook the potential email marketing has for them if they want to scale quickly.

That being said, you don’t want to resort to run-of-the-mill practices just to keep your numbers moving up and right by purchasing an email list. Email list purchasing is a bad strategy and if you want to learn more about it, here is a comprehensive post written by Corey Wainwright from HubSpot, check out!

What follows are 5 effective ways you can build and nurture your email list with video marketing.

Create Shareable Videos

According to a Sizmek research people are 27 times more likely to click on video ads as compared to static banner ads. This higher click-through rate naturally results in more followers visiting your website and consequently generating more sales and ROI. One of the keys to building your email list is creating videos that are relevant, engaging and shareable on other platforms. Sharing in the online space is the most crucial factor for any promotional material to generate the desired results. Therefore, the more shareable elements you put in your video the more likely it is to get noticed and shared by other people. But don’t forget to ask your viewers to share their email addresses so that you could reach back out and send some more interesting material their way.

Create Gated Assets and Promote Them Through Video Marketing

Gated assets like Ebooks, Webinars, Q & A sessions, and templates etc. can really help propel your prospects forward and take some meaningful actions. The wider these assets are in variety, the easier it would become for you to attract people who are ready to take immediate action — e.g., download an ebook, subscribe to a webinar, or send a request to access a free template etc. You should design your distribution strategy such that each of these actions does require the users to share their contact information before accessing the material or service.

Once you develop some gated assets, it’s time to promote them by creating short promo videos. Make sure your video touches upon the core features of your gated asset and how valuable it is for your customers to gain an access before you get to the call-to-action part.

Here are some additional tips you may consider to help you promote your gated assets on internet:

Be Consistent

Your email list building initiative is a journey, not a one-time event. You need to be consistent with your efforts and keep on adding fresh contacts to your email list. According to a research, your email database is likely to shrink by about 22.5% every year. A lot of the contacts in your email list won’t work as people go from one company to another or choose to opt-out of your email subscription. You cannot keep everyone in all the time. What you need to focus on instead is reach out, find new contacts, and get them subscribe to your channels, blog or newsletters.

Encourage Viewers to Sign Up to Your List

Keeping your viewers engaged is crucial but getting them sign up to your email program is even more crucial. You cannot expect the viewers to remember you long if you fail to send interesting, relevant and fresh material their way often. Especially when there is so much clutter all around, it is easier for people to forget a ton of things they come in contact with daily. So make a video and make sure that you ask your viewers to sign up to your channel or email program by following an easy (one-or-two-step) signup process.

Turn Your Blog Posts into Videos

Blogging is by far the most effective way you can build your email list. However, you can make your blog posts even more interesting and digestible for your readers. You just have to turn them into engaging videos. Doing so is effective also because it makes your content look more diverse, interactive, and action-oriented. On the other hand, people would see an added value. They will regard your work more if you can make their experiences better and more pleasant. A good example is 97th FLOOR. For every blog post they publish on their website, they make it a point to create video version of it. It sums up all the key points contained therein. Here’s how they have turned their latest blog post into a video: You can follow the same example and make your blog posts super interactive to generate the desired response from readers.

Repurpose and Reuse Videos

Creating original videos may take a whole lot of time and resources. But repurposing and reusing can make those efforts worth your while. You can reach out to new, fresh audience just by giving your old videos a new theme. Also, you can update some small changes to its content. You can cut some parts or break your video into shorter clips. Transcribe it to make it crawlable for search bots. Or you can redistribute it to make it available for a wider range of audiences. In every case, don’t forget the call-to-action. However, ask your viewers to share their contact details. This would allow you to send future materials specific to their needs and interest.

The key is to make videos that supplement your email marketing campaign. People often overlook videos when it comes to building a strong email list. But they can come in very handy as you work on growing your email list with fresh, opt-in contacts. Outline all the methods above can help you build an effective email list through video marketing. In turn, one can use it to nurture and convert your leads to future potential customers.

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