One of the most pronounced tendencies of the past year is the phenomenal growth of video content and video production in general. More than 50% of Facebook users watch at least one video every day, and more than 800 billion video views are generated daily. Over the past year, 66.7 million users have uploaded 654.7 million videos to 30 social media. According to Cisco, in 2019, 80% of Internet content will be video traffic. What promotes such popularity of web video production, and why does social media adore it? Let’s check it out!

Social Videos: What is the Secret to Success?

In addition to the obvious desire to monetize all the possibilities of social media, marketers are driven by other objective reasons for online video marketing. First, it is an opportunity to influence several points of the customer’s perception. This principle works well in the case of playing on the customer’s cognitive leniency. It’s much easier to drive a search query into the search box and watch the manual, rather than read the text instructions. Visually, quickly, effectively! It turns out that video content is easier to use and through easier to influence.

The Essence of Video Content on YouTube

Just imagine that every minute, users upload about 500 hours of video. How to get into the cherished list of recommended videos and to be noticed in such a volume of content? The proposed selection of videos on YouTube consists of three parts:

  • four videos from the same author,
  • similar videos
  • recommended videos

All of them are ranked by the algorithm, which uses indicators of duration and number of views, relevance, and search queries. What will help you break out into the leaders?

Your video should be interesting and keep the viewer’s attention for at least 7 minutes. Create provocative videos. Your task is to cause likes and comments, they affect the work of the algorithm, encourage the audience to take active action. Optimize titles of your videos. Take time to write a description and arrange tags, they will lead you to the viewer. Write a short and effective description, add 5-10 relevant keywords.

Facebook Video – the Strongest Marketing Player?

45% of people watch more than an hour of Facebook or YouTube videos a week. At the same time, native videos on Facebook have 10 times higher reach compared to YouTube links. Facebook is almost ahead of YouTube and strives to shift it from the leader’s podium. What do you need to consider in order keeping up?

The most frequent mistakes of beginners:

  • long and boring intro
  • the use of logos at the very beginning
  • attempts to shove everything and immediately into one presentation video.

Facebook allows you to choose an audience based on the viewing duration: 3 seconds, 10 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75% and 95% of the video. Combine different audiences and get the maximum coverage.

Instagram Develops Video Content. Why?

Instagram cannot lag behind Facebook, so it expanded the possibilities of video posting, increasing the length of the video to 60 seconds, allowing using a horizontal format, adding a resolution of up to 1080 × 1080 and extending the editing capabilities. Smart brands skillfully use new opportunities.

The share of video ad production on Instagram increased from 30 to 65% for the last year. This growth was facilitated by the appearance of statistics of video views, new advertising formats, and effective rating system. A new algorithm of a news feed also gives priority to videos. Video advertising on Instagram will work if they aim at fun, tying to real life and meets the expectations of users.


Social networks like video because people like video. It is a convenient, fast, and easy way to convey any type of information. For social networks, especially for YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram, video is one of the main ways to make a profit. For marketers, this is a great way to generate new leads. Today, the video is the main trend. Do not miss the opportunity and use corporate video production wherever you can!

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