This week’s last edition focused on benefits that E-commerce brings to an economy and how it is changing the lifestyle of the people. This week, through the medium of Lagos blogs, I would bring the attention of the readers to Jumia, the leading online retailer in Nigeria and it’s gravity in Nigeria’s e-commerce.  I will be talking about Jumia app.

Raphael Afaedor and Tunde Kehinde founded Jumia in 2012 as retail industry with the help of funding from Rocket Internet. Though both of the founders have moved out of Jumia and replaced by new CEOs, they had a great hand in its early success. The Lagos-based company launched its mobile app in August 2013 and it has been a hit since then on all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows. So what’s they hype? Why to have Jumia app on your mobile phone? Here are some of the key points:

Reasons to Download Jumia App

Ease of shopping

The mobile app offers a convenient and friendly shopping experience. You can shop for your favorite things anywhere and anytime you want. The rich GUI and effective terms of use make the experience much more effortless as compared to that on the browser.

A motley collection

There are over 150,000 products on this online store and a variety of options to choose from. The line of products includes phones, computers, fashion, home décor, sports, health and beauty and lots others.

A dozen features to look for

The app is loaded with significant features, which give the look and feel of an actual shopping cart in your hands. You can add the products you love in favorites with just one tap on the screen. There’s a separate menu option to view the recently searched products and one for the recently viewed ones. This is really helpful when you need to come back to an already browsed product.

The products can be sorted and refined based on certain filters like price, brand, gender and discount. This gives the user exactly what he wants. If we compare this to an event in which the buyer personally visits a store and looks for products he intends to buy, the former one is much easier.

The My Account and My Orders sub menu helps you track your shipments and also save your preferred methods of paying, your address for deliveries and your personal details. You can manage your account on the go and pay using cash on delivery or the secure payment gateways.

Deal notifications

The app gives you fabulous deals and offers and notifies you about them right on your phone screen. So you might wake up from your sleep to find a breathtaking offer on your phone screen. How to avail it? Just slide/tap the screen and the app will guide you. The notifications are also based on your interests and search histories. Isn’t this just smart?

Detailed specifications

Each product is fabricated with detailed specifications, images and user reviews. This helps a new buyer to know about the product and then he can make a wise choice and get rid of his reservations.

These retail apps are rapidly changing the way people used to buy things. Things are becoming painless and straightforward. Hope you liked this app review. Comment below to let Digitallagos know your views. If you don’t have the Jumia app on your phone yet, I’m sure you will download it and use it after reading these points. Until then keep inspiring creativity.


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