GoPro is undoubtedly the world’s best adventure cam that can be used to record HD videos for any occasion. Designed for pro-quality videos, it comes in multiple varieties but GoPro Hero 4 certainly has the lead as the most favorite among stunt makers. For such a cool camera gadget, it is necessary to buy a few accessories that come handy on the travel. So today we will be focusing on top GoPro tripod accessories, their features, prices, and what makes them stand out in the market.

Best Tripod Accessories for GoPro

Octopus Tripod for GoPro Hero series | 6.49 USD

Octopus Tripod for GoPro

Fat Cat takes inspiration from Spiderman 2 and converts Hero 4 into Doctor Octopus with this cool tripod. The legs are made from ball-like beads that function as hinges and give a pretty good flexibility and adjustment to the camera. The design is awesome with the black and white finish, the material is very solid with steel support to the plastic, and can sustain up to 1 kg weight without bending out of the form. The pods are pulled closed enough; it can rise as high as 25 cm.

3-in-1 Bracket Tripod Monopod and Extension Arm for GoPro | 37 USD

3-in-1 bracket tripod for GoPro

Now here is what flexing tripods don’t offer: a great pole grip, high mounting, fast rotation and, easy management but you can get it with this professional-looking multipurpose GoPro mounter. It serves as a 3-in-1 mounting accessory; camera grip, extension arm or tripod. Doesn’t matter which model you are using, its amazing folding ability moves along. So this can reliably replace your typical selfie stick with a longer and flexing one.

At the base is a tripod that can be pulled out to turn it into a stand combined with which it gives you a total height of 50.8 centimeters from the floor. It is some tough stuff and is made up of plastic, metal and silicone components.

Joby GorillaPod Tripod Mount for GoPro | 20 USD

Joby GorillaPod for GoPro

While Octopus tripod is a good choice, it is not as stable as GorillaPod could be on thousands of surfaces and situations. It is comparatively more flexible, more portable, and all out more useful for adventure cams and stunt making. You can wrap it around trees, poles, ledges, or simply hang it up on a wire. It is durable with lightweight carbon fiber body, and can lift up to 5 kg load without flexing.

Its design is essentially the same as our third tripod, but with an added flexibility. The original Joby GorillaPod comes at $20 but some varieties can cost up to $100 (GorillaPod Focus). We are putting this on the top of our list. It can cling to available objects so you can maneuver amazing camera angles for your perfect shot. This is exactly what GoPro wants you to have to Be A Hero.

There are also other mounting accessories for Hero 4 (and its siblings) in the market, but if you consider versatility, affordability, and portability; these top 3 GoPro tripod accessories are the way to go. Keep in touch for more top listings and don’t forget to comment.

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