Whether you want to share a new product or service with your audience, news about an exciting event, or a simple behind the scenes of a day in the office, videos are a powerful way to share your message while increasing your brand awareness and promoting your product or service. Let’s face it, we are more likely to watch a video than to read a long social media post. Social Networks love them and the video traffic is expected to grow even more! But with so many videos on social media on a daily basis, you need yours to stand out! Here are 6 tips to maximize engagement with your social media video marketing.

#1. Social Media Channels & Specs

Using all main social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, is a great way to maximize your online presence by engaging a larger audience. Whatever social media channels you use, always be familiar with the required video specs. You will want to keep your video short – ideally, 60 seconds or less, as they have higher completion rates and most importantly, higher conversation rates! You will also want to limit the text within the video. Facebook, as instance, increases your video’s visibility if it has little to no text.

Oh, and don’t rely on the sound. Chances are… people are at work or on the go while viewing your video. Make sure that through video marketing message comes across with visuals so that the overall concept is captured. If one image is worth a thousand words, can you imagine what a video is worth?

#2. Audience

Focus on your audience. Who uses and buys your products? And remember that they are on social media for entertainment, to relax… pass time… Consider the type of content they might find funny, entertaining, and informative.

#3. Brand

Your brand matters! It’s how your audience recognizes who you are. Think of Coca-Cola, as instance. You can always tell their commercials apart from others. Keep your mission statement in mind and stay true to your brand’s identity.

#4. Call to Action

Consider having a primary and a secondary focus, with the first being on engagement instead of sales. Use your call to action to engage your audience, and be direct! Invite them to share, like, or comment… and to learn more! When they share, like, or comment, that increases your visibility, as their friends and family will see it too. And make the most of out of your video marketing.

#5. Optimize Video for Search

Also, you have a great video, now you need to be ‘found’. Unfortunately, there are limitations to organic views, but you can improve that by having the right elements in place – starting with the headline. Moreover, the title should be catchy and contain the right keywords. Also, use thumbnails to your advantage by selecting a snapshot that makes people want to click and see more.

#6. Ads

As mentioned before, organic views are often limited depending on the social media platform, but even if they are not, use ad opportunities to maximize your views and reach new customers!

Getting eyes on your video doesn’t have to be a challenge. You know your audience during video marketing. Hence. create content that inspires them to react, and follows these tips to maximize your reach and engagement!


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