The way to create a successful channel is very rarely direct. A more familiar picture is a series of falls with a set of valuable life experiences. How not to make the stupidest mistakes when making a video on YouTube? Let’s analyze why not all bloggers on YouTube become popular and what to do to avoid the most common YouTube mistakes!

Mistake #1. Focus on simple, single-word tags

SEO is an indispensable part of YouTube web video production. But any experienced SEO-marketer will tell you that in most cases, try to outrun larger sites or channels for a single word for which they already received a high rank is not worth your effort. In Youtube, these tags are likely to be without any benefit and benefit to occupy valuable 300 allowed in characters.

It is better to concentrate your time and strategy on finding topics and phrases that are relevant to the essence of your channel, and for which not many video/articles are done. A great way to find key phrases is by using a free plugin from VidIQ that shows how often the tag is used in other videos, and how often Youtube users drive it into search.

Find the “golden mean” – tags that are searched often, and yet do not have a lot of loaded material. Instead of playing “King of the Mountain”, build your mountain. Contrary to expectations, the Internet still has many topics for which you can shoot unique videos.

Mistake #2. Use unfiltered tags in the video description

This is also among the most common YouTube mistakes. Terms of Use of Youtube prohibit the direct placement of tags in the video. For this, you can get a strike for violation of the Community Principles, lose monetization, and, in extreme cases, earn a removal channel.

The right technique is to use a description to place an informative text. Nobody forbids the use of relevant tags as part of the text, taking into account that the text itself has a direct relation to what is shown in the video. As a rule, Google indexes articles with a length of more than 300 words.

  • Incorrect use of the video description: “Video lesson, SEO promotion, earnings on the Internet.”
  • Correct use of the video description: “In this video, you will see tips on SEO promotion to increase your earnings on the Internet.”

You can use up to 5000 characters in this field. The most important are the first 2-3 lines (depending on the number of characters), as they are visible before clicking the “More” button.

Mistake #3. Miss the ability to set unique icons

Even if your online video marketing channel has the most interesting video, if the icon does not look interesting, then it’s likely that few people will watch the video. In order for your video to stand out from millions of others, the appearance should match the standard of your channel. As they say, they meet on clothes. Therefore:

  • If possible, use the human face on the icon: the eyes are the window to the spectator’s soul.
  • Use bright, catchy tones (but the main thing is not to overdo it),
  • Do not use too much text – it can be difficult to read on mobile devices.
  • Try to use your branding on the icons (the logo of the channel in one of the corners, only not in the bottom right because a figure is there to close it with the duration of the clip).
  • Test it! Measure the number of views for one week, change the icon, in a week compare the data on views.
  • On the use of persons – people subconsciously primarily pay attention to the face, so our psychology is arranged. In this article from Business Insider you can see the heat map of user activity – something that people primarily pay attention to in advertising.

To create icons in corporate video production, you can use the VISO Catalyst application for Google Chrome.

Mistake #4. Miss the opportunity to categorize material on thematic playlists

Any video marketing agency can say that if you have more than 10 videos on the channel, chances are great that there are several subjects in these videos. For example, if you have a channel with a game theme, the video can be broken into playlists for games. Thus, the viewer will have a choice what to watch on your channel, and, most likely, will lead to a greater metric of keeping the viewer’s attention, thereby translating into a larger advertising revenue.

Mistake #5. Use simple and uninteresting channel design

Corporate video film makers always say that your channel is your brand. Your brand is what the audience will return to your channel: this includes an easily recognizable logo, a cap for the channel, your voice, your sense of humor, your appearance, your video processing skills, etc.

The first thing to do is a logo. If you do not have strong design skills, you can order an inexpensive copy on sites like (prices from $ 5 per work), or ask someone to design in exchange for one of your skills. You can create a request for skills exchange through the Collaboration tab in VISO Catalyst (in the Collaboration Type section, select Skill Swap). In the same way, you can get a header for the channel.

And the main rule is to make content as interesting and exciting as possible. Try to make your next video better than the previous one and never follow one position. Always improve your YouTube blog and your subscribers will appreciate it! It is important that you try not to make the common YouTube mistakes if you want to become popular.

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