Do you text a lot? Or are you just into watching videos on YouTube. Or are you spending your Sundays playing multiplayer games over the Wifi. The choice of a phone, tablet or any other portable device that you desire to own depends on which type of user you are. Lately smart hand-held devices have been governing the digital world by aiding humans by getting their work done for which they used to rely on personal computers. With their increasing trend, a number of devices have emerged in the market and this creates a situation in which making a choice is difficult. This week Digital Lagos blog brings the focus to a concern that is causing bewilderment among the youth these days and reading this will certainly help you in making a smart choice.

When to choose a phone and when to choose a tablet?DB_2There are many factors that make a phone a hot favourite among people in comparison to a tablet. The points below will help you to make a smart choice:

  1. Size and usability: To begin with, the most obvious and notable factor is the size. Some who like it big prefer buying tablets while others who want things to be in total control of their thumb prefer phones. The small sized device can slip into your pocket. On the other hand a tablet would need a carrying case.
  2. Screen size and the things you can do with it: With device size comes the screen size. If you plan to watch movies, read books and use your tablet as a Kindle substitute, Digital Lagos would recommend a tablet for you. A reader can argue that a phone also supports all those features but the small screen size does not provide a comfortable experience.
  3. SIM card functionality: Another noteworthy feature is the ability to place a cellular or GSM call. While phones support this feature as they have been doing it since their birth, tablets do support SIM card installation but only for cellular data. You should be very clear about this before making a choice.

Why choose an Ultrabook above any other device?

DB_3Ultrabooks are the new generation laptops that offer sleekness and portability packed with high performance. With tablets and smart phones taking over the digital market, there was a dip in laptop sales. To add to the line, it was time for innovation and that is when things like Ultrabooks and SSDs were born. These devices are lightweight and offer speed along with the familiarity of a personal computer system using a Windows, Linux or Macintosh as the operating system. Below we list some striking features of Ultrabooks that would definitely appeal you:

  1. Design edge: They are powered with Intel processors and offer more productivity and ease of use. Having a dedicated keyboard, big screen, friendly OS and various display and storage ports they gain an edge over tablets and phones.
  2. Converts into a tablet: The clamshell design in Ultrabooks is challenging the tablets in the market. These notebooks can be folded and the screen turns into a touch screen thus offering two functionalities.
  3. Thinner, lighter and offers endurance: They can be thinner than 1 inch and lighter than 3 pounds and still offer the future of computing. Having a good battery backup they offer endurance and on the go execution.
  4. Comes with Voice recognition: Controlling the device with voice commands is trending since the birth of Apple’s Siri.

For users who are used to doing their work on a PC but want portability in today’s world, an Ultrabook is the right device.

Why phones win over any other device?

shutterstock_126653198People in Lagos, who consider portability above all and want a device that provides a combination of photography, music, emails and cellular calls, should go for a phone. To conclude phones generally win over any other device because of the following reasons:

  1. Extreme portability
  2. Smart work + cellular calls
  3. Size is appropriate for clicking pictures and can be a substitute for your dedicated portable music player.
  4. With increasing phone sales, the newer phones down the line are feature enriched. Another reason to buy them.
  5. On the go access to everything including notifications from different mobile apps.

On a summarizing note, all these devices are revolutionizing the way we are doing our work in daily routine and have a lot to contribute to creativity and the Internet of Things. Hope this edition from digital lagos blog assisted you in choosing the right device for you.

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