Corporate video production is one of the best ways to keep the viewer’s attention in the video. But how to persuade people to spend their precious time to watch? First, it is necessary to understand what thing attracts their attention at the psychological level. In fact, you need to get the audience to experience real emotions. A mix of the right ingredients will attract the viewer and keep the whole way from the first look at the video to the desire to share it. Here are five the most effective ways to attract and keep the viewers’ attention so that they do not just turn on your video but watch it to the end.

Way #1. Intrigue

This is the most effective and easy way to keep the mind of viewers, which fits almost every type of video. By creating an intrigue, you can get your viewers to wait and guess what will happen next. To create intrigue, make sure that your shots ask questions, but do not give answers. This should happen during the first seconds of your video. Otherwise, you will not have time to interest your viewers and they will switch to a video of your competitors. Corporate video film makers often use this method in their business video production. That is why all successful videos, one way or another, intrigue the audience.

Way #2. Communication

Imagine that you communicate with somebody, tell something to him but he simply goes away saying nothing. Basically, communicating with someone, we stay in place and listen. It’s our psychology and natural predisposition. That is why video ad film makers always try to create a video with a clear communication like a good “Velcro” for the viewer. In the web video production, you must create the illusion of communication with the audience, and they should feel their connection with you. How to do that? You can use rhetorical questions. This way of keeping an audience creates the illusion of communication. With the help of rhetorical questions, you can also warm up the curiosity and keep the viewer’s attention. And hence, they will necessarily watch your content to the end.

Way #3. Usefulness

No one will watch your video if it does not have value. As is usually the case, we are looking for useful information, just inserting a query into the search engine. When creating a video, you should only think and to focus on the problem that bothers your potential customers and helps to solve it. The more useful you are to your potential customers, the faster they will pay attention to you.

Way #4. Music

Studies show that people often skip video with relaxing or calming music. Music or even any background sound effects helps to improve the video, but you need to be very careful in choosing the composition. The fact is that music is a work of its own. Editing a video with music, you connect two different elements. In order for their combination to look qualitative, you need to select music that will look like a video in terms of mood, meaning, and tempo. If all these criteria are met correctly, the music will increase the attention of your viewers from the first seconds.

Way #5. Dynamic

It’s no secret that users tend to pay attention to something dynamic, rather than to something static. The elements in your video should be in motion, but at the same time, they should be bright. Different colors cause different feelings, therefore, in order to keep attention, you should use bright pleasant shades in your video ad production. This can be achieved by color correction during editing, as well as by correct lighting directly during shooting.


So, the recipe for catchy and successful marketing video is as follows. Create an intrigue from the first seconds, add the right music and dynamics, decorate it with effective communication and of course, do not forget to do good for your viewers. Then the audience will not be able to tear themselves away from your video production content. Good luck and keep viewer’s attention as much as you can.

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