There are lots of social media sites out there, but SlideShare is arguably one of the most overlooked when it comes to marketing. SlideShare allows users to upload slideshow presentations to share with others. Then, people throughout the World can click through those same presentations to see what they have to say. What’s more, SlideShare is totally mobile-friendly, meaning users can access it regardless of if they have a computer in front of them. Offering users the ability to grow their traffic to their own webpage, increase their SEO, build brand recognition and more, SlideShare is a great tool for any webpage. With that said, the following are 5 strategies you can use to realize these benefits for yourself.

Top Strategies for using SlideShare for your Business

#1. Offer Well Designed Slides, Clear Content and a Linear Structure

Present slides that are attractive and catch the eye. Nobody is going to be enticed to go through your slides if their design is boring and unappealing right off the bat. Additionally, make sure the content you provide is easy to follow. You won’t be there to physically explain what you meant when people are reading your slides, so having slides that speak for themselves and don’t confuse readers is key to keeping their interest.

#2. Use Keywords to Optimize your Slides 

Use keywords strategically to optimize the placement of your slides within SlideShare. Research which keywords best apply to your presentation and what it is you are trying to say, (you can even use professional keyword research tools). Then use these keywords specifically in your file name and presentation title. These are the best places for your keywords because they are where SlideShare tends to get information regarding what your presentation is actually about.

#3. Include Click-able Links 

A great way to increase traffic to your own site is to include click-able links within your presentation. Discuss a topic then include a link clearly labeled below as a source of additional information, include a link to your personal sign up page, etc. The point is to include multiple opportunities for people to move from your presentation to your actual webpage. Don’t oversaturate your presentation with links either however, as too many links may overwhelm a reader and lead to them just outright ignoring your links or leaving your presentation altogether.

#4. Create “How To” Guides to Your Website 

This is a great way to increase traffic and gain members as well. Create a presentation that takes people through how to sign up or become a member of your website in a step-by-step way, or create a step-by-step guide to getting the most from your website. In short, make it as easy as possible for users to sign up with you and enjoy your site, and they will be more likely to do so.

#5. Include a Call-to-Action 

Capitalize on your reader’s interest and suggest a clear-cut next step for them. This can be done throughout the presentation — perhaps at the end of each section as well as at the end of the presentation itself — and is an effective way to ensure your readers are more likely to continue on to do what it is you’d like them to do, (i.e. join an email list, visit your site, etc).

Now that you’ve read through these 5 strategies for how to use SlideShare to market your webpage, you are ready. Implement each of these tips into your presentations and watch as your website experiences growth, your brand gains recognition, your SEO standing rises and more.


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