You promote your business in social media but the result is not satisfactory? There is a low involvement of customers, and most importantly, extremely low conversion. Why so? Find out how short social media videos can help you in marketing your business.

In order for your social media marketing to work, you need to implement new digital marketing tools. Did you know that the main trend of social media in 2017 is a short video?

Let’s figure it out how to use short videos correctly so that social media marketing brings you tangible results!

1. Teach Something New

Training videos are always top-notch content. Imagine you can learn something in 2 minutes without making any effort. Cool? Your clients also think so.

2. Show Your Abilities

Another way to demonstrate your expertise is to show what you are capable of. People should understand: if they need to use somebody’s service, then it should be your service.

3. Demonstrate the Product

This is the first thing that comes to mind to those who sell a particular product. Of course, it’s important and necessary to talk about the product. However, among the popularity of video reviews, it is essential to stand out and fall into the memory of your client. Try to find a non-standard approach to the video presentation to get around your competitors.

4. Give Advice

This way is something between the training video and the product demonstration. Users are often difficult to make the right choice when it comes to buying. Help them and they will be grateful to you. There are a few social media fails that will make you learn.

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5. Announce Events

If you often organize events, consider the video invitations. This format is more personal – you as if personally call a target audience to join you.

6. Open the Curtain

Do not hide the face of the company for affected advertising. You also can create a short video, where the whole team, including the founder, is working. And you will be respected!

7. Introduce Your Team

People prefer to deal with those they know well. So, it is important to communicate your values, tell why you are better than others and who is responsible for the main stages of work in the company. It can be a general video or a whole series of short videos, where you familiarize your audience with each member of the team.

8. Shoot Reviews

A short review is an important tool for any online marketing strategy. Show how you solve problems of real customers. This is the best way to arouse the trust of potential buyers. And so easy.

9. Tell Everything

Even if you do not have a product, an event, or a team, you still need to shoot short videos. Share valuable thoughts on the topic, tell the news. In general, just be on the feed and be useful.

10. Give Emotions

When you turn to the mind, you sell the product. Such relations will end as soon as your competitors offer a better product. But when you turn to emotions, you sell values. This helps to build a unique relationship with the audience and turn customers into true fans.

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Competent entrepreneurs already use video marketing in social media. You can also catch the wave! Use not even one-two, but all 10 ways to create cool short videos and you will see how effective your SMM can be.

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