In online video marketing, as in any trend niche, there is complete confusion. There are selling videos, explainers, corporate clips, advertisings, viral videos, video infographics, and a bunch of other options. However, there are mainly three formats of branded videos to build a successful marketing campaign.

To slightly simplify this turmoil, we’ve identified three main formats of branded videos depending on the task they are solving.

  • Video ads to attract a new audience.
  • Video presentations to convince and “convert” those who have already heard something about you and want more details.
  • Corporate videos to increase audience loyalty and strengthen your brand.

Popular Formats to Build a Successful Marketing Campaign

Let’s look at each of the formats and discuss their importance for brand building.

Video Ads

Most often, the video ad is designed for the first contact with the audience. Users do not yet know about you, but with video ad production, you catch them and try to get their attention. Thus, video ads should be short, vivid, emotional, and correspond to the interests of users and the context in which they watch your video. That is, if a user watches the YouTube review of a new computer game, you do not need to irritate him with the advertising of accounting services. This is one of the most important formats for building a successful marketing campaign.

  • Duration: 15 to 30 seconds.
  • Content: One basic idea based on product positioning.
  • Ways of promotion: Social networks (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and others), TV and Offline Environment.

Video Presentations

This branded video format is not for the first contact. The user has already heard about you, became interested and came to your site or to the page on the social media. And now, he wants to know more about you to make a purchase decision. Accordingly, the video presentation should tell about your product (service or company). Here, you must demonstrate your product, highlight its main advantages and how the user will benefit from it.

  • Duration: 1-2 minutes.
  • Content: Rational arguments, product advantages.
  • Ways of promotion: Company’s website, brand pages in social networks, business events (exhibitions, conferences), personal presentation video, email lists, etc.

Corporate Videos

With corporate video production, you are able to:

  • Portray the real company picture you are trying to portray with your brand.
  • Help the visitors in clarifying the business & help them extract positive information from your website.

The video production is an important element of content marketing and search marketing. In the image videos, you should not say directly about the benefits of the product. Their mentions should be neatly inscribed in useful and interesting content.

Image videos work for the reputation of the brand and are focused mainly on viewers who already know you. But there is one exception when trying to run your successful marketing campaign. The video for search queries (reviews, branded video tutorials). In terms of format, these are the same corporate videos, but they work with a new audience who is ready to buy.

  • Duration: not limited. But the longer the image video, the more valuable it should be for the user: more interesting, useful, and contain unique information.
  • Content: should be useful and interesting to the viewer. Should not be advertising.
  • Ways of promotion: corporate YouTube channel, brand social media accounts, a separate section on the website, email-lists.


The web video production can be classified according to other criteria: visual technologies, audience, distribution method, etc. and all of them will influence the content. But you, as a customer should not worry about this. It is enough to understand why you need a video and how it should solve your problem successfully. Try out these video formats to run a successful marketing campaign.

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