Successful videos have taken the world by storm. They are being used extensively to promote businesses but that’s not their only benefit. You can also use engaging videos to improve the overall customer experience. Today’s customers are spoiled. They do not only care for the product or service. They care for the experience, as shown in this survey.

Another survey showed the glaring difference between perceptions where 80% of companies thought they offered a good experience compared to 8% of customers who appeared satisfied with the overall experience.

So how can you use videos to improve the customer experience? Let’s find out:

Cater to Pain Points

Use videos to solve customer problems. Most users are on a lookout for a solution and they’re interested in videos that can help solve their problem.

When someone Googles something to buy, they are typically looking for an answer. You can cater to their pain points and show them a solution with the help of successful videos.

Users are more likely to watch a video than read a blog. They will skim through the blog but they may pay attention to everything in the video.

Show Customers Instead of Just Telling Them

It’s a known fact that we tend to remember more of what we see than what we hear or read. This is why videos are very important.

Merely telling customers your product solves a problem is not enough. You should show them how it does so.

The video can highlight how to use the product and answer all questions a customer may have.

It will leave your visitors impressed and may also benefit your business.

Use a Familiar Face

We are more likely to buy a product if we see a familiar face endorse it. Do not worry if you cannot afford to get Dwayne Johnson or Kim Kardashian onboard, look for more affordable options in the form of influencers.

Influencers can review your product, motivating customers to pay for it. Such successful videos can educate users and also make them trust you more.

How Videos Benefit Customers?

This is what engaging videos do for your current and potential customers:

  • Entertain Them

Well-made videos are entertaining. Look at BuzzFeed. It creates fun videos that even go viral, bringing sponsors a lot of attention.

  • Answer Their Questions

Make how-to videos, reviews, etc., to educate people. You can even put up videos on YouTube, which is now the second largest search engine, to generate more steam.

  • Educate Them About the Product

Customers have a lot of questions about a product they have not used before. You can use videos to answer their questions and make them feel comfortable about using your product.

Customers will feel less anxious and more eager to try a product when they can see what it does and how.

Check out this video to know more about how beneficial videos can be:

What To Remember When Making Videos?

Here are a few things you should remember so that you can get all the benefits associated with videos:

  • Quality: Make sure to create original content and upload HD files as most users do not enjoy poor quality videos. However, they should be given the option to change quality.
  • Length: Videos should be about 5 to 6 minutes long. Longer videos can cause engagement levels to drop. Similarly, videos should not be shorter than 2 minutes.
  • Relevance: The videos must be relevant to your audience. Irrelevant videos can cause customers to feel cheated.

You will need a good quality camera (phones will do) and a reliable editing software to make good engaging videos. Check out this video for some quality tips:

So start making engaging videos today and reap the benefits.

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