Explainer videos are an efficient way to connect with your prospects and accustom them with your business. Crazy Egg used one on their homepage, and it worked so well that it generated an extra $21,000 a month in income. Dropbox reported that they got up to 25% of their customers through explainer videos.

So, why not create one of these videos for your site? If they helped other businesses boost conversion rates and increase sale, it should definitely work for you too, right?


Explainer videos are, indeed, a powerful conversion tool, but only if you get them right. Most of the times, they are only draining marketing dollars without generating real value or growth. That’s not because your idea sucks or your product is bad, but because you are making these crucial mistakes.

Mistakes That Are Killing Your Explainer Videos

  1. The Script Is All Wrong

Most business owners pay a lot of attention to the quality of the video, investing in sophisticated equipment and editing tools. The truth is that it’s all about the script, not the video. It doesn’t matter if your video is shot in HD or with a smartphone. Ultimately, content wins the hearts and wallets of your customers.

  1. It’s Too Long

You want to give your prospects as much information as possible about your business. As a result, your videos are multiple minutes in length. Remember, an explainer video should act as a hook that entices your customers’ curiosity.

Most of the best explainer videos are no longer than 90 seconds. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from making your video a bit lengthier, if you can add value to your prospects. But, the longer your video is, the fewer visitors will pay attention to it.

  1. You Overcomplicate It

If you want to keep an explainer video as short as possible, you need to keep its message simple. Focus on these four elements to ensure that your prospects are getting the most value out of your video:

  • Your Customers’ Problem – Address your customers’ pain points at the beginning of the video;
  • The Solution – Highlight your product as the solution and paint them a better world;
  • How Your Product Works – Explain to your customers how to use your products to alleviate their pain;
  • Call to Action – Tell your customers what to do next (buy, visit your website, subscribe to get a discount, etc.)
  1. You Don’t Use a Professional Voice

Nothing can destroy a video faster than poor delivery. A monotone voice tells your client that you don’t really believe in your product. If you are not excited about your business, why should they be?

That’s why it’s important to work with a specialized company that can provide the professional tone and delivery your videos need.

  1. You Focus on the Features, Instead of the Benefits

Most business owners show off their product’s features when creating their explainer videos. They talk about storage space, quality, unlimited users, and so on. However, features don’t sell, benefits do.

The reason features don’t sell is because consumers don’t care about them. Your prospects don’t want a 12-megapixel camera. They want to take beautiful pictures. So, instead of blabbering about technical data, tell your customers how your product can improve their lives.

  1. You Don’t A/B Test Your Video

After a few days of hard work, you explainer video is finally ready. You are confident your script is engaging, and the quality is good. So, you upload it on your homepage hoping that will improve your conversion rates. But, you’ve made one crucial mistake: you never tested it.

An explainer video may be the first thing your visitors see, so it’s essential to get it right. If the experience they get is poor, it can impact your bottom line negatively. Test your videos before publishing them and ensure that everything is working properly.

  1. You’re Taking Everything too Seriously

It’s crucial to adjust the tone of your explainer videos to match your audience profile. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun. Whether your video targets CEOs, kids, or soon to be moms, you can include some humor in it, as long as it makes sense to your customers. That way, you’ll entertain your prospects and help them connect with your business.

If you want to create effective explainer videos, you have to take the time and address these mistakes. If you don’t have the time or skills, don’t waste your money on inefficient videos. Instead, you can hire us to help you.

Check our website to find out what we can do for you.

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