YouTube is notably popular and offer outstanding opportunities for building viewer loyalty. But according to studies, video content will account for 80% of all Internet traffic by the end of 2019. And already today, YouTube has almost two billion visitors per month and about five billion videos watched per day! With no doubts, this is the best platform for posting your corporate video production content. But how to market yourself via YouTube ahead of thousands of competitors like professional video marketers? Let’s check it out!

#1. Set Up the Channel Correctly

Although you cannot customize the design of your YouTube channel as it was before, now you can add some details to make it more attractive.

  • Place a video trailer. This is a short video (no more than 1 minute), which tells viewers about your company.
  • Shoot your video at a highest resolution possible.
  • Make the name and description of your channel understandable and simple. This data is the first thing that appears on the search engines.
  • Do not forget to add such important elements as a logo, social media icons, background image, etc.

Simply put, your YouTube channel is a face of your business. Do not underestimate it because most video marketers are doing this.

Check out this guideline to learn more:

#2. Upload Video Regularly and Systematically

Each video marketing agency understands how important it is to post content regularly and systematically. You may notice that all successful video bloggers upload new videos every week or even day. This is done for two purposes:

  • Audience Engagement: Stats prove that viewers are more likely to click on the “Subscribe” button if the video is fasting regularly. Viewers want to be aware of new updates if they liked previous videos on your channel.
  • YouTube Algorithm: It will be great if the YouTube algorithm notices your channel. But you need to post regular content and collect lots of views in order for your videos show up in the recommendations feed.

#3. Optimize Your Content Before and After Uploading

Did you know that search engine optimization for commercial videos on YouTube starts before uploading? Hence, first thing first, start the title of the video file with keyword.

Next, add more information about your content in the video file itself. Most corporate video production masters have the built in feature, which allows the YouTube platform to understand what the video is about. Thus, your web video production is immediately in the right category. 

Once you uploaded the video to YouTube, you will be asked to add some details about it. Most video marketers believe that it helps YouTube optimize your videos for a specific audience.

#4. Use Tags and Headers Effectively

Corporate video film makers often say that using tags and headlines, users can find your videos/channels on YouTube. If you want to rank your content for certain keywords, then:

  • Use relevant keywords in the video title.
  • Insert the word ‘video’ in the description.
  • Make your title unique, catchy and truthful.
  • Place the most important keywords at the beginning of the description.
  • Use the exact keywords in the description.

Check this video to learn more about video SEO:

#5. Work on Video Thumbnails

Video thumbnails are preliminary frames from the video. Many argue whether the video screenshots or just random pictures should be displayed in this miniature. But fortunately, YouTube offers the following thumbnail template:

  • Clear images in high resolution (640 x 360 minimum, 16:9 resolution).
  • Contrasting, bright colors.
  • The right composition.
  • The foreground should attract more attention than the rear.
  • Video looks beautiful in both large and small format.

These are the steps to get youtube video creation done right. So, we discussed five simple tips necessary for a successful start of online video marketing via YouTube. Do you agree that Youtube is essential marketing element in today’s online space? And what online promotion methods do you use? Share your experience with us.

If you are still need assistance in YouTube marketing, contact our team and we will be happy to help!

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