Google’s biggest annual event Google I/O 2016 came to pass last month, and with it loads of new gadgets, apps and, tech upgrades were announced. The actual list and their individual details are too much to take, so we are going to focus on the ones that will really make you jump. So here are some coolest new technologies Google announced on the big occasion.

Coolest Things Announced by Google

Revitalized Google Assistant

Google CEO Sundar Pichai opened the I/O 2016 with the introduction of the new Google Assistant, which is now more intelligent, heuristic, adaptive, personalized, and even chattier. The AI program is more user-friendly with extensive app integrations, especially when it comes to driving Google’s own products like Allo and Google Home. Additional features including voice commands that not only help find stuff but order them as well, so future of voice-based transaction is already here.

Android N

Say goodbye to Marshmallow, the torch has been passed to Android N, featuring quick setting buttons, loads of emojis, and the most anticipated function that never fully got to Android until now… split-screens! Not only can you multitask with the Nth itineration of new smart OS, you also get more control over your notifications, GPU, 3D graphics, and much more. In fact, the only thing we don’t have about Android N is its name.

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 isn’t really the Magic Leap we expected, but it has certainly been enhanced, like the ability to let users make data from any app show up on any watch face. Version 2.0 makes Android Wear fairly autonomous and relies less on smartphones or cellular networks, so you can have fun with your watch without hovering around your phone. Android Wear 2.0 also gets tiny QWERTY keyboard and third-party app integration so it’s fair to say the air around Apple Watch is getting tighter.

Google Home

Google Home is the search giant’s take on Amazon Echo’s home-invading strategy. These are central smart home devices that work with other connected devices to let you automate your home appliances and even schedule tasks like the time your coffee-maker. Furthermore, like the Echo’s Alexa, Google Home comes with now revolutionized Google Assistant with voice-based commands and chit chat. It is going to be a complete package for home management.

Android Instant Apps

Running Android apps without downloading them would be really time-saver, wouldn’t it? Well, now you get to play with new android apps without having to download the massive amount of megabytes. Just to get disappointed later. So Google I/O 2016 completely nailed it when it finally made this announcement. This option is soon coming home with Android Instant Apps.

Google Daydream VR

The I/O 2016 announced it out loud… Google is finally stepping into the virtual reality business with Daydream VR. Of course, there is Google Cardboard but the tech behemoth is taking it to the next level. And that too without bloating on its price. The new VR headset is going to get increased performance support from Android N. It will compete with likes of Samsung Gear VR.

There you go! We know this coolest Google I/O 2016 announcement will keep you spell-bound so we will let you be. Keep tuning in for more interesting technology updates.

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