Many marketers and business owners alike have made attempts to develop effective marketing strategies for promoting their brands. What many of them fail to realize is the psychology behind both sound and color, which should be taken into consideration when developing marketing plans that involve content, such as video. This is because both color and sound can elicit emotions that impact purchasing decisions. There is power in the right use of color and sound when creating marketing videos. You can use colors to impact consumer spending and purchasing decisions the way these colors impact our brains.

Sound also influences physical behavior. While fast music energizes, slower music provides a calm and soothing effect. This is great for leisurely shopping and decision making. In fact, calm and soothing music has been known for increasing sales by 38%, according to studies.

In this article we’ll discuss the psychology behind sound and color, and how using such marketing techniques can tap into the emotions of your target market. We’ll first start by discussing how using psychology in marketing can yield a desired emotional result within your audience. If you’re a business owner or marketer, you owe it to yourself to learn more about colors and sounds in an effort to determine the best, most effective combinations to use for your next marketing video. If you’d like some help producing your next video, this can be accomplished through help from, a professional corporate video film maker in Nigeria.

Colors That Elicit Certain Emotions

Color psychology, the study of the effect that color has on our behavior, reveals that different colors evoke different emotions and behaviors. Knowing how each color influences emotion can help you better plan your marketing strategies, and video production is no exception.

  • Blue: Associated with trust. It also evokes feelings of calmness, discipline, being formal, and being articulate.
  • Green: Associated with prosperity. It also evokes feelings of progressiveness, peace, freshness, balance, and the environment.
  • Red: Associated with energy. Emotions like excitement, vibrancy, enthusiasm, action, and being a rebel also associate with it.
  • Yellow: Associated with being cheerful, as well as evoking feelings of warmth⸻being active, and innovative.
  • Black: Associated with power, being classy, expensive, evil, and uncompromising.
  • White: Associated with purity, as well as cleanliness, innocence, neutrality, and a sense of space.

Colors, Sound and our Surroundings

When we are exposed to certain colors, they have an influence on our state of mind and our emotions. Some are relaxing and calming, whereas others appear loud and vibrant. Colors associate with two primary categories including:

  • Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow typically evoke feelings of warmth and comfort, but can also link to anger and hostility.
  • Cool colors such as purple, blue and green evoke feelings of calmness, but also feelings of sadness.

Colors have a great impact on our mood, which is why they should be selected carefully when making marketing decisions. Another example includes the use of the color purple. Purple creates a fine balance between serenity and stimulation, which lends itself to creativity.

Like colors, music also evokes different emotions. Some music or sounds make us feel energetic, upbeat and happy, whereas others make us feel down, or sad. Music also triggers memories in the brain that cause us to respond differently. Not only does the right choice of music and sound make marketing videos more memorable, but it can also heighten absorption, attract attention, and help communicate messages.

The psychology behind music has an influence on the emotions, moods, perceptions, and preferences of consumers. It enhances both memory and association, while arousing emotions. Music has such an effect on our mood that it holds the power to influence the purchasing and decision making processes of consumers.

Savvy Marketing

Savvy marketing experts and those who create business video productions understand the psychology behind both sound and color, its impact on marketing and advertising, along with its ability to display either positive or negative messages, produce high or low energy, trust, or other captivating emotions that trigger certain decisions.

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