Anybody that has taken part in the digital marketing field is familiar with the phrase content is king. There would also have been a point when you struggled between content vs context. Content developers understand the importance of the message, focusing on clarity and creative storytelling. There are others that will go a step further to say that while content may be king, the underlying message and manner in which you deliver that content is more important. Digital media and entrepreneurial expert Gary Vaynerchuck has said several times that “content is king, but context is God.” With so much content moving its way around the internet it is important to consider the quality and context of the delivery of the content when you work on your video marketing strategy.

Video content outperforms other forms of content across many platforms on the internet. Many predict that video will be the majority of content on the web in the near future. That creates a competitive space for those who are starting their own video marketing now. The way you deliver your content is just as important as the content itself.

Content vs Context Tips you should know about

#1. Remember to consider your environment

When it comes to communications, even visual and digital communications, the elements of our environment have a profound impact on how we say things or deliver a message. Your environment can include which platform you choose to deliver your video marketing message. Consider things like time limits or filters depending on the social media platform you use. YouTube offers things like “premiere” settings for your videos to make the audience feel like they are part of the collective experience of releasing your content. The audience you are talking to in your message is also an important aspect of your environment. Identifying your target audience will alter how you deliver the content.

#2. Avoid being the commercial and focus on being the entertainment

There are mixed sentiments when it comes to advertisements in the media, but one thing we can all agree on is that they are considered a disruption to the actual program you are focusing on at the time. You should approach your video marketing strategy the same way. Create visual content that feels less like a sales ad and more like an experience for the viewer. Switch your focus from the sale to providing valuable information to your audience that they can’t get anywhere else. Try new ways to make valuable information fun and entertaining for the viewer. That way you are viewed as the go-to source for information that also entertains, building brand loyalty and subscribers at the same time.

#3. Whatever you do, be authentic

Nobody enjoys a phoney brand and your messaging shouldn’t come off that way either. Be true to your voice and connect with your audience directly in a way that feels natural. Your audience will pick up on whether something feels staged and uncomfortable. Find your own way to brand your message and make that an important part of your video marketing strategy. Brand loyalty tends to last longer when brands present an authentic connection

Those are the three important tips when it comes to content and context delivery. The context of your message is just as important in your video marketing strategy as the content. While the content should be rich in information and value, the context should deliver it in a way that is unique to the viewer and authentic to the brand. However, we think content vs context is a never-ending discussion and both of these play an important role in your video success.

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