Consumers receive a large amount of new information every day. From the time we open our social media apps, emails, or turn on the TV, we see information about several brands; most of which keep our attention only for a few seconds before we move on to something else. That is one of the reasons why repetition is crucial in marketing. Most people need to see or hear about a product over and over again before they check it out. But then, there are those that grab our attention more than others, and in a way that makes us want to share their message with everyone we know. You can think about business video production to ace the competition.

But what makes one brand’s message more memorable than others?

Memorable videos have one thing in common – a well developed video production. Corporate videos – whether it is a video providing a showcase for your brand, how to use a product, or even an employee training video, use a number of elements that essentially, impact the way your brain receives and processes the message. It increases the odds of the message becoming memorable and improves the response rate to the call to action with one single view. In this article, you’ll discover the benefits of video corporate production. I will expand on how video touches more of your senses and accesses the emotional portions of your brain more effectively than with words or audio alone.

The Connection Between Colors and Emotions

Videos access the emotional portion of your brain in a very unique way. One important tool in video production not available through words or audio is the ability to use colors. They influence feelings and actions. The color blue, for instance, is an important one in the corporate world. It is used to create a feeling of trust, reliability, and productivity. Color psychology is an amazing tool, but not enough on its own. Corporate video production requires a number of skills and knowledge in diverse aspects of creativity. It evokes the right emotion. The color black, as for instance, can be used to make the audience feel comfort or sadness, and it takes several elements of production to evoke the right emotion with the project’s goal in mind – the main element being storytelling.

The Power of Storytelling

Our brain loves storytelling, and the power of visual storytelling shows in increased engagement. Think of how often you see videos being shared on social media versus text-only messages. When people hear a piece of information, they will only remember 10% of it 3 days later. The same information presented with visuals leads that number to go up by 55%. That number only goes up with when adding a video that establishes an emotional connection with the audience.

Aside from the use of colors, the level of emotional connection that the audience develops by watching videos comes from a combination of skills used in corporate video production. It includes a well-developed script that will evoke the right emotions. Also, the actors that the audience will identify with, and a good corporate production team that has the talent to bring the project to life. Know just how long the video should last in order to keep engagement levels high. A well-developed video can change your entire perspective or behavior. Think of those commercials that inspire you to donate to animal shelters. They wouldn’t have the same impact by using bright colorful settings or without showing sad animals in enclosed spaces, would they?

Video production can create a type of emotional connection with the audience. Even words and audio alone don’t have the tools to accomplish. Digital Lagos TV can help you create that emotional connection, which drives engagement. When customers and employees feel connected to your message, it creates a level of brand loyalty. Your message becomes memorable!

Whether you’re making a corporate video for internal or external consumption, DigitalLagos offers a truly inspiring creative strategic approach, beautiful HD footage to maximize impact on production. Our team can shoot in 1080p as well a 4K, the standard in ultra-high definition video footage. Contact



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