Being memorable is essential to every brand. It increases brand awareness, gives you competitive advantage, builds trust, loyalty, and increases results. Companies today benefit from customers having access to online video marketing at their fingertips, 24-7. And as your brand awareness increases, marketing new products and services also becomes a lot easier… because people remember and trust your brand’s reputation. Let’s look at Apple and Android, for example. I’m sure you have a favorite between the two. If they introduce a new product into the market, how likely are you to try it just because you trust the brand? You might require a few content creation tips to help people remember your brand.

But how can your brand reach that level of recognition? Here are 7 content creation tips that will help people remember your brand.

# 1 Be Unique

With so much competition, you have to stand out. Being unique among your competitors is easier than it seems. You have to essentially, shut-off the noise and focus on what matters to you as a brand. Create personal content that reflects your values and mission statement. Take the time to build or re-build your brand so that your online video marketing campaign reflects those values and sets you apart from your competition. And always keep in mind that brand is so much more than what people see. Your brand will also become memorable based on how it makes people feel – and the little details like colors and fonts, all contribute to making your brand unique, leading the audience to remember it.

# 2 Know Your Audience

Tone is essential to content creation. Know your audience and create audience driven content. Does your audience respond to humor? Do they respond to inspirational messages? Ensure that your audience can benefit from the content that you are sharing. If the message grabs their attention, they will remember you.

# 3 Creative Brainstorming

Creative brainstorming is something that a lot of brands miss out on, and it is such a unique way to better your brand’s online video marketing content, while keeping the audience engaged. Creative brainstorming, whether by engaging your team or a test audience, will allow you to truly think outside of the box, bringing fresh new content to your audience.

# 4 Use Custom Images

Visuals allow us to process more information, faster. When those visuals align with your brand identity based on tone, colors, and by displaying your logo, you have the perfect marketing tool in your hands. Look at Nike for example. Nike uses its Instagram to share custom images, many of which focus on motivational and inspirational content, which aligns perfectly with their brand identity.

# 5 Use Videos

There are a few reasons why Instagram increased their video capabilities by allowing you to record 60 second videos, instead of the previous 15 seconds – people love videos, and brands can use this creative tool to share their brand’s story, demonstrate products and services, and more. And although images can be powerful and emotional, videos can take that to new levels.

Currently, photos still show more views than videos on Instagram, but it’s only a matter of time before that changes.

# 6 Quality

Quality content is valuable. The best type of content is the one that serves your audience and helps them in some way. That is the type of content that gets shared all over social media, and converts general audience into customers. Having well branded content is part of that quality.

# 7 Consistency

Whether through images or videos, always be consistent. Adding your logo and/or tagline to all of your content, will not only protect your content, but it will increase brand awareness. Be consistent with the tone of your messages, the colors used… with every single detail – always ensuring that your content aligns with your brand identity.

In a culture where content creation has become so essential for every brand, following the tips above will allow your brand to stand out among the competition, making your online video marketing campaign memorable.

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