There’s good news this week for all the movie buffs! Your favourite ticket manager, Tripican will now be available on your hand held devices that are powered by Android. This technological advancement will eliminate the practice of standing in long queues for inquires and purchasing the movie tickets in Nigerian theatres. Tripican users were longing for this and many of them also must’ve wondered at a time that why there isn’t an app for this. No more wondering now.

Tripican is Nigeria’s first online movie ticketing venture and has rapidly gained popularity since its birth. With more than 18000 likes on Facebook, the venture has made its users totally dependent on its services. Now the user span is likely to expand with the app in the market. Studies reveal that majority of phone users use Android as a mobile platform in Africa. With that being said, Tripican has a good market to start with and good users to target.

The app already has a rating of 4.8 on the Google Play Store and being reviewed by people. The users are happy with the way the app is designed and by its functionality. Some of them have referred to it as an interactive app. Others find it smooth and with a rich UI and UX. The app comes with a bundle of features which majorly include:

  • Tripican will bring you the movie times for all cinemas across Nigeria.
  • Will let you know about the movies that are about to hit the box office.
  • Lets users watch movie trailers and read user reviews.
  • Offers movie tickets at discounted prices.

Tripican is focused with one thing in mind – Time management. The app lets you browse shows, select seats and book tickets. The booking code can then be used at the movie theatre to print the tickets from a ticket vending machine. This eliminates the need to stand in queues. Also, now the people who want to enquire show times won’t put off the people who actually want to buy show tickets. Everything can be enquired through the app. The services are fully operational at Silverbird Cinemas, Genesis Deluxe Cinemas, Ozone Cinemas, FilmHouse Cinemas, Viva Cinemas, Kada Cinemas and many more. Are things not sweet and automated this way?

The app requires Android 4.0 and above to function properly. The app can be downloaded and installed here. Hope this app review by Lagos blogs appealed you and kept you interested. Stay tuned for the next technology review. Until then, keep inspiring creativity and keep booking shows with Tripican.


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