When you scroll through your newsfeed or search through the internet, it’s likely that the most memorable content contained some type of video or visual element. That is because information that is visually stimulating and interesting is likely to resonate better with your audience. Why is this so important? Because there is so much going on on the internet already, it makes it difficult for brands to stand out on their own. The best way to introduce your brand is by telling your Video Storytelling. There are different ways you can try to relay your brand story, but you want to make sure that it is engaging and intriguing to the right audience. Video storytelling marketing is often used to explain services, policies, and organization for the business.

However, it is often an overlooked opportunity to use your marketing strategy to control the narrative and tell your brand’s story using quality visual through video. Brand videos are a great addition to your marketing strategy. Some of our favorite videos, shows and movies are examples of brand storytelling. Here are some of the important elements to include to create brand storytelling using video.

Identify Your Key Characters

One of the best parts about a great video story is getting to know the important characters. When developing your brand story, you want to think of it as your favorite movie or bedtime stories. Who are the characters? Is there a hero or a villain? Are your customers the focus of your character development, or maybe it is your c-level executive team. Your characters might even change, like Geico’s transition from the caveman back to the talking gecko mascot. Google did a great job in their “Parisian” video making the audience the main character as they search for a specific term. On the other end, Beardbrand’s founder gets up close and personal with his audience in his video blog. A strong character can capture your audience and create brand loyalty from the start. Leading them back to the video and a higher chance of sharing with their network.

Develop A Storyline

What makes a good story is an interesting conflict and resolution that carries the characters and the audience along with it. Consider the conflict of your story as the problem that your brand product or service solves, and your brand product or service is the resolution. A unique brand narrative is what sets a brilliant brand story apart from a simple advertisement. Your villain character could also be the conflict of the story, while your hero character resolves the issue and saves the day. You can even follow Ikea’s lead and incorporate humor into your conflict and resolution to entertain your audience. Zendesk TV does a brilliant job at creating a story about the business and customer relationship and comparing it to a personal relationship while also inciting humor.

Create A Visual Storyboard

Before beginning to film any brand video storytelling marketing it is important to map out the elements we discussed, like the characters and the storyline. You will want to consider what you want your video to look like, the environment and backdrop, all to better relay your brand story. The best way to do this is by developing a visual storyboard for your video. Creating a video storyboard does not require artistic skills, but the ability to consider things like your story timeline, the key scenes, and which tools you’d like to present your board. Storyboards can easily be created using software platforms like Powerpoint, Google Slides or Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. This will help you place everything together to tell your brand story with video efficiently and effectively.

Finalize Your Script

Consider your target audience in this area. Who are you speaking to exactly? This will likely influence how the characters in your brand story talk and what they say. You also want to make sure that the brand storytelling script is easy to understand and follow. Dissolve gave the world a great example of a simple script by combining humor and wit to display their quality stock photos and videos to sell to their audience. A proper script will ensure that the viewers will listen to your storytelling from start to finish and become intrigued with your brand. Remember to speak to them, and not at them.

Utilize Quality Editing Tools

Take your video from raw and subpar to top-notch production with the proper editing tools. Today’s technology has provided us a strong list of editing softwares and applications ranging from free and easy to indepth and more costly. Adobe Suite seems to remain in the forefront of the most popular video editing softwares with Premiere Pro. However, depending on where you plan on uploading your brand storytelling video, you might decide to use another application specific to the platform to edit your video. Make sure that the sound and visuals are edited well and with smooth transitions so that there are no major distractions from the brand story.

Creative brand storytelling can make or break your brand. Use video in a way to both thoughtfully and creatively share your brand story. This way you can create a unique appeal and build a successful following. Consistent brand storytelling will lead your business to loyal customers and fans. It will engage with your video content and help spread it to the masses. Think about your favorite stories and what made them so special? Was it a character that you admired? Or maybe the way that they overcame a great obstacle? Use those elements to create a strong and intriguing brand video storytelling marketing that informs and inspires your audience.

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