Literally everyone is aware that Video Marketing is a no-brainer marketing strategy today. With 65% of your audience being visual learners, you’d leave a lot on the table if you chose not to use this particular strategy. It is proven that people’s attention span increase by a whole of 46% while watching a video! Here we are with a guide to video marketing that will help you.
While these numbers are definitely exciting, it is what they represent that is most important of all – people engage the best with your brand through video. And this rate of engagement can favour your brand than anything else! Yes, Video marketing is the go-to strategy for effective marketing.
Without further ado let us jump straight into ways to help you use video marketing for effective brand building!


Whatever your service or product might be, always – always – centre your video (or any content for that matter) on the story, not the sale. Use emotions and hidden desires of your audience to connect with them through your story.
Don’t let your brand be one among the sea of sales clutter on the internet! Connect and convert. This is the formula of marketing – use your story to connect, be sure to add a related call to attention and then effectively covert your viewers into customers.


The importance of SEO needn’t be spoken about. While written content SEO is very widely spoken about, the same doesn’t stand true for video content. Though similar to written content, video SEO has a many additional factors and variable extends. Generally speaking, it depends on keywords, tags, how viewers take your video, the host of your video and much more! I found this article of Forbes particularly useful in this matter.
Remember, SEO is to help the search engine bots find your content, but at the same time, try and make sure that it flows natural enough to appeal any human that might stumble upon it. This is an important part of video marketing guide.


Educate your audience on their area of interest and, then, let them know how you can help – All in matter of minutes. People buy from whom they trust, not just like. And educating your audience – giving them something valuable for free – makes it easier for them to trust you. An average viewer watches 10 seconds of your video before deciding whether to watch the rest or simply close it. 10 seconds is all you have got – make each count. Leave them with something valuable by the end of the video and a little call to action, and so that you do it well.

Video marketing can seem a little too much to handle at the beginning, but with many resources available just at the tip of your fingers, it can be a lot simpler and is really worth it once you get hold of things. Do you have a tip about video marketing that you found particular useful? Or a specific approach that you’d rather not use again? Still not sure where to start from? Contact DigitalLagos.TV

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