Video marketing demonstrates strong growth in recent years. Marketers and promoters use video to tell about their product or service, to convey a certain message to consumers. The video is an excellent tool to convey anything. Just imagine, one minute of video worth 1.8 million words of text! Awesome number, right? For this and for many other reasons, video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. But at the same time, many videos become unsuccessful and do not fulfill their mission. In most cases, this is the result of an incorrect video strategy or its complete absence. Today, we will provide you with an ultimate guide to video marketing for beginners. Check it out!

#1. Set the Budget

When it comes to web video production, the first thing to remember is the advertising budget. Everything in the business world rests on money, and video marketing costs money. Before you start your video strategy, you need to establish a clear budget framework and follow it all the way. To establish such a framework, you must know the market prices for the video production and its promotion. And to set market prices, you need to know the clear goals and quality, length, style and number of videos you want to create. Also, pay attention to the ways of promotion for your online video marketing strategy. Will it be free or paid? If paid, what is the cost? All these characteristics affect the budget and success of your online marketing in general so do not take it carelessly.

#2. Choose a Video Format

Setting the video format is one of the most important steps when building a video marketing strategy. You need to know the length of your future video, its specifications in terms of resolution, social media to use, and the like. We’ve already determined which social networks are worthy of your video, whether it’s Instagram or Snapchat, Facebook or YouTube. In any case, you need to know that every social network requires a certain video format in terms of length, sound, and resolution. This is an important part of your guide to video marketing.

#3. Think about Length and Sound

So before creng a video, you need to understand what characteristics it should have to capture the viewer in a certain social network or any other media source. In social media marketing, it is important to remember some points:

  • Instagram video has a length of not more than 1 minute. It automatically plays a video without sound. The greatest involvement has a video that has short text captions at the bottom or top of the video.
  • Snapchat video has a length of not more than 6 seconds. Very little, is not it?
  • The Facebook video also starts automatically and without sound, however, its length is not limited. You must grab the attention of the viewer with silent video content.
  • Stats show the most popular YouTube videos have a length of no more than 15 minutes.

Remember that sound is as important element to involve as the video itself. With the right sound, you can create the right mood and atmosphere for the video. The length, in turn, should be moderate and correspond to the theme, the audience that will watch it and the platform where the video will be uploaded.ati

#4. Choose the Promotion Strategy

Each video needs promotion. Perhaps you will be able to create a viral video that will be distributed by users without your efforts, but such cases are quite rare and the probability of success of creating a viral video by a beginner is not so high. Most likely, you will have to promote your content by yourself. How? There are many options depending on the platform chosen. In the case of YouTube, the title, description, thumbnail, tags, and CTA play an essential role. If Instagram, you should pay attention to the relevant hashtags (both simple and complex), contact with subscribers, commenting and following on related topics. If you chose Facebook, the most important factor for successful promotion is capturing the viewer’s attention from the first seconds without sound. Quite difficult, but it is worth it. Carefully planned promotion strategy is the key to the success of your digital marketing. It is an important part of a beginner’s guide to video marketing.

#5. Measure Your Success

You have defined the budget, format, length, sound, and promotion strategy for your video. Now it’s time to know how to determine the success of your video and its ROI. Well, social networks provide all the possibilities for this, a huge number of tools provide data for analytics. The number of views and likes can tell you about the quality and interest of your video for the target audience, the number of dislikes and negative comments can tell you about the degree of satisfaction. Shares tell you how much your audience like your video content. Pay attention to ALL the indicators relating to your content to determine its flaws and to know what to work on next.

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#Final Words

As you can see, building a video marketing strategy requires a lot of time and effort. There are many factors contributing to the success or failure of your video. We emphasize that the success of any video depends on a detailed strategy, the right choice of format, length, and style, as well as the method of promotion. It all depends on you, in the end.

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