There is a lot of Bluff out there. With thousands of websites claiming to have the best content, tactics and what-not, how do you know which ones to follow in order to keep yourself in the loop? How can you be sure that the information there is genuine and reliable? And most important of all, how do you know which websites have the most actionable and useful content?
We know that video marketing is a little part of your marketing strategy. Keeping up with something advanced and quick-paced is quite a task. Hence, we have brought you a list of five blogs with most reliable, trending, useful and actionable – basically, THE best – content on Video Marketing, except for digitallagos blog of course.

SproutVideo: A virtual gold mine to anyone seeing to improve their reach through Video Marketing. As a Video host for business, Sprout Video hasn’t stayed back in the quest. It aims at quenching the thirst of its readers. It has very detailed profound posts like voiceover trends that make or break explainer video – explaining the little known facts and details about video – along with posts like the rise of artificial intelligence in business video to keep the readers in the loop with the current trends and happenings.

Hubspot: Hubspot is practically home for every marketer. Knowing that Video Marketing is the next big thing, they started educating their audience about it long ago. And now have many great blog posts on Video Marketing. While not all their posts are focused on video marketing. It’ll definitely help you see the role of video in the huge globe of marketing.

Wistia: It is another professional video host and in their blog, they have spoken in-depth about very less spoken topics of Video marketing – which actually matter and can make a difference. For instance, we always presume that an expert’s words will be trusted the most. But it so happens that people don’t trust anyone but the ones they think have their best interests in mind. Now how do you make you brand that trusted source? How can you use this piece of to improve your marketing strategy? By using videos featuring humans! However, we cannot comment on how trustworthy we determine a face to be. This, my boy, is what we call actionable useful blog.

Buffer: As a popular Social Media Management Platform, Buffer was quick to notice the rise of Video content’s power and has been busy keeping its audience aware of this very truth as well. Today, its blog has a little lot of useful content on Video marketing in social media ranging from guides on creating epic content for social media to general video marketing posts like Secrets of Super-Successful Video Marketing.

Vidyard: It is yet another video host for business with a ton of amazing posts on video marketing to its credit. Their blog concentrates on more technical aspects video and lead generation through video marketing. Moreover, their posts are to the specifically to the point and leave us with something to think about. What to use storytelling techniques for sales terms? Or simple tactics to build trust with video? It is all out there!

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