What is Ollie? Ollie is the Best Smartphone Gadget You Will Buy This Year. It is a fantastic outdoor and indoor gadget that is a fully featured ‘rolling barrel.’ In today’s review, we will learn more about this cool gadget, its specifications, price, and more. But first, the defining question… what it is for?

The all-new Ollie is actually a racing robot remotely controlled by smartphones which is both iOS and android compatible. The rolling barrel-shaped gadget features two rubber wheels on its sides and a cylindrical body so it can roll on almost any terrain. Design-wise, we have never seen another gadget like this.

Ollie can easily roll on the uneven rocky surfaces.
Ollie can easily roll on the uneven rocky surfaces.

Why Buy Ollie Smartphone Gadget?

Ollie can speed up to 14mph, which is a lot for a gadget this size. Operated remotely by iPhone or android phone, it can perform incredible trick stunts like whirling around its axis, climb sharp inclines, make sharp turns and stops… well, how much can we say; the sky is the limit. You really have to see the video to see it in action.

The smartphone gadget is remotely controlled via Bluetooth LE with a maximum range of 100 feet. It is charged through USB connector and glows in many many colors; according to the Sphero, it ignites a million colors!

You can’t withstand the terrain power of this rolling barrel. It means it can move/roll easily across any surface whether it is desert sand, rocky mountains, grassy meadows or any other difficult-to-traverse surface where you can’t imagine driving a toy car without getting stuck in the mud or getting broken.

Ollie's Nubby tires are fit for any place and work like SUV on sand.
Ollie’s Nubby tires are fit for any place and work like SUV on sand.

How is Ollie Smartphone Gadget Different?

But Ollie is different. It bears a strong polycarbonate body which can take extreme environmental shocks and bumps. Go ahead, take control of your Ollie and bump it into another Ollie-owner without worrying about any kind of damage. There is no fun in the adventure if it is safe.

As mentioned, the latest smartphone gadget has colorful LED glow, which can also be customized through color settings. But will all that light drain its battery? On a single charge, this awesome gadget can last up to 1 hour, which is more than to quench your thirst for an outdoor action.

The developers have multiple driving apps, available both on Play Store and App Store as well. Most significantly Ollie and Draw N’ Drive. All meaning to employ that there are many types of driving controls available and you can prefer to either go with the steering wheel or use its built-in navigation system with GPS to move it to your tapped location.

Ollie's body is made up of tough plastic that lasts very long.
Ollie’s body is made up of tough plastic that lasts very long.

The software side is pretty customizable. There are MacroLab and OrBasic as well. Now the function of these later two apps is not just to drive Ollie but program it as well. Programmability also means that tech geeks can introduce their own code to make it do things even developers missed out on.

Bottom Line

Watching the video, you might think it must be heavy with all this hardware loaded inside it, especially the long lasting battery. Athwart, it is very lightweight at 8.5 ounces so it can jump and dance conveniently… all on the signal of your fingertips.

This adorable rolling barrel ‘Ollie” is priced at $99.99. Visit their official website to see what is included in the package.


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