As more and more people turn to the Internet for marketing their businesses, video remains the king of content. Video is no longer viewed as an up and coming marketing tactic—rather a proven strategy that’s become the go-to method for communicating to target audiences, and oftentimes with some help from corporate video filmmakers. Even video marketing statistics are evidence of it. Video has been known to play a key role in brand development, sharing stories, and so much more.

The demand for video marketing is rapidly growing, as 42% of online visitors prefer video content from marketers than any other format. Video not only captures and maintains viewers’ attentions, but according to 51.9% of marketing professionals worldwide, it’s also the format of choice for generating the highest conversions and increasing ROI.

In this article, we will share the importance of understanding the value of video marketing and the impact a well-produced professional business video production can have on your brand, with statistics to back them up.

Why Video Trumps Other Forms of Content Marketing

You should choose video marketing over other forms of content. Video has surpassed all other forms of content in leaps and bounds, and both professionals and customers alike favour it.

Video generates an increase in organic traffic by 157%!

Maximizing on the power of video could translate into significant increases in leads and sales.

Video marketing captures viewers’ attention, as they fulfill their cravings for information in captivating and engaging ways. Marketing videos have now surpassed network television!

  • There are more videos uploaded to the Internet on a daily basis than TV networks have created over the past 30 years.


  • Over 500 million hours of video views on YouTube alone.

If your company doesn’t have plans underway to capture its share of the video marketing trend, it will be doing your company and brand a great disservice. Both clients, and potential clients, are awaiting content from your brand in video form. The process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, as there is guidance available from seasoned corporate video production professionals, such as, to help your company begin creating marketing videos of your own.

Meeting the Viewers Demands

Because most people have short attention spans, they’d rather take in information from videos, as opposed to reading. In fact, Forbes highlights a trend toward Video First. This means that consumers want to both watch and make videos as they relate to the products they use. Video offers what people are gravitating toward. It makes it easier to consume and share information over short increments of time.

With nearly 1/3 of the combined Internet users being on YouTube(roughly 1 billion), video content produces strong customer engagement, according to Forbes. Video marketing is also the top driving force when consumers make purchasing decisions. This is why adding videos to your marketing strategy will help meet the demands of consumers. In fact, more than traditional marketing efforts.

Now you are with more insight into the value of video marketing. Hence, it’s time to start a video catalog of your own.

However you want to incorporate video into your marketing strategy, we offer an inspiring, customized, and creative approach to video marketing. We only use high-end HD footage for maximum impact and lasting effects on production. Our team is capable of shooting in 1080p and 4K, using the industry’s standard; resulting in ultra-high definition video. For more information, contact today.

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