In today’s social media driven society, it’s practically essential to use video in attaining a strong web or social media presence. If not, there’s a strong chance that your website or social media page may be overlooked. Marketers have observed a tremendous increase in how web video production is attracting more visitors than all other forms of content. In fact, 51.9% of marketing professionals have indicated that video content yields the greatest ROI and conversions. If you’d like to shoot your own videos, we’ve listed 10 video production tips from the industry’s top videographers.

Be Prepared

Make sure your battery is fully charged, and that you have a backup battery as well. It’s also important to have plenty of storage space, with a clean lens.

There are also things that you should check before going live which Jourdan, a filmmaker, video journalist, and contributor to Vimeo Video school refers to as, “mastering the checklist”. A checklist could include microphones, sound, tripods, sun reflectors, and knowing how and when to pan and tilt, etc.

Keep It Steady

Avoid shooting shaky videos by placing your feet shoulder width apart, one hand holding the camera, and the other hand under the camera. You can also use a tripod to achieve greater stability. Also, refrain from zooming in for close-ups. This will keep the frame steady without any shakiness. Could you imagine watching “Star Wars” if all of the shots were shaky? Steven Spielberg wouldn’t allow that, which is why the camera crew keeps it steady for him!

Think About Lighting

Consider balance when it comes to lighting—making sure the lighting is in front of the subjects. To provide your subjects with a crispier look, use television lights. Don’t over or under light the subjects. Chances are, you don’t want them to look like Sean Patrick Flanery’s character in the 1995 movie “Powder.” Use reflectors to help combat under lighting.

Plan Shots Ahead of Time

Take shots using different angles, such as wide, medium and close-up shots. This will help you address the time-lapse issue: (time-lapse or not to time-lapse). Time-lapse videos are great openers, or when used in transition between shots. They are also wonderful tools for showing a long period of time that has passed when telling a story. It also makes for a great story, such as in e series “Planet Earth” on the National Geographic channel.


When composing videos, plan in advance. Frame the subjects slightly to the right or the left and be mindful of the background, which should be a reflection of the subject matter. According to videographer Amy Horton, there are 10 types of camera shots to use while filming a video web production.

Get Creative

Experiment with shooting from different angles and vantage points. Everything from one corner of a room to the surroundings of a location will bring viewers into the scene, and make them feel like they are really there. Think about your favorite films, and the different angles that are used to create certain effects and emotions. Many movies and programs will present several shots from the city in which the story takes place to bring viewers into the scene, and make them feel like they are there.

Use a Green Screen for Special Effects

A chromakey green screen allows you to add special effects to make your videos appear more dramatic, professional, and artistic. Think about the news, for example. A green screen is used whenever the weather forecast is given.

Videos are essential digital marketing tools for businesses. If you want to learn more about business video production, please visit our blog for more information.

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