Users had a tough time migrating to Vista from XP. And since then people have doubts and questions regarding every windows update. With Windows 10 in the market are you having reservations about updating to 10? Have compatibility related questions? will address each of your queries through this blog. Go on reading and be comfortable about your choice of whether going for 10 or not.

1. Will the windows upgrade affect my Office version?

Do I lose MS Office which I paid for when I was using 7? This is the most common question as Office is something that no one spends his day without. The answer to this will be ‘NO’. As a window is installed by using the ‘in place of’ method, all your software should remain intact when you resume work with your new Windows excluding some programs. These include Windows Media Center, Win 7 games and the OneDrive application (if you are upgrading from 8)

Lagos tip: Windows updates can be messy sometimes. So back up your PC first and keep your product key handy.

2. What about my XP applications?

This doubt haunts 9/10 users. Believe it or not, there are numerous industries that are still dependent on Windows XP. With RAM and processor enhancements, their business is running fine. So back to the question, does 10 support XP applications? The answer is straight – 10 would run everything that 7 was able to run. The compatibility for a particular program can however be checked by running the GWX.

Lagos tip: You can install XP in a virtual machine and use all the programs vital for your business.

3. Slow internet connections. Can’t download. Alternative?

Since we live outside America, we might have slow internet connections. Do we get DVDs? To this Microsoft has to say that they are working on alternatives and will announce them soon.

4. Microsoft ID? Can I kind of not use it?

Straight answer – No. You will have to setup a Microsoft account when you activate your windows. This will give you access to your Windows store and record your purchases and downloads. This is similar to what Mac users do with an apple ID. Another analogy can be the Google ID that is used for mail, YouTube, Docs, Drive, Maps and all.

5. Why Microsoft is giving it free? Is it not worth it?

It surely is worth it my friends. Microsoft understands the change pattern that has been in practice with every release – people are not ready to change. So Microsoft is ready to give up some earnings here and hopes that every user will have 10 in some time from now if they give it for free. The hard fact to beat is that there still exist more XP users than Mac OS X users. So one line answer – Microsoft wants to eliminate this different versioning problem that prevails in the market. If you are really curious about how then Microsoft will earn then you need to know that the company has got plans to replenish all those dollars from the Windows store. Indeed smart.

I hope your questions were answered and you are having a clear mind about Windows 10 now. Stay tuned for more technology reviews. Until then, keep inspiring creativity.

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