Video virality works along the same lines as good management. Instead of people managing employees, however, the video manages customers. In this way, the “heart, hand, head” management style woks to create a video message that your target demographic will remember in a way that makes them want to purchase your product.

What is the “heart, hand, head” management style and how does it apply to video virality? In management speak, you need to get people on board by building relationships, get them to act based on your goals, and plan for the future. Marketing works the same way except you aren’t the room with your team.

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Neil Patel, the number one marketer in the world according to Entrepreneur Magazine, argues that virality is more likely to come from generating a list or creating an infographic than by making a video.   However, Mr Patel’s anatomy of virality overlaps perfectly with work done by Wharton School of Business professor and video virality expert, Jonah Berger who argues that stories are the way to call consumers to action so that they are more willing to purchase an item because you’ve gotten into their heads.

Making most out of Video Virality?

Video virality is about telling really great stories that get people talking. In order to do that, you have to tell stories that both get your target market emotionally involved and give the people sharing it a sense of purpose. In order to get them to share it, you have to somehow make people feel special in some way so that they feel that sharing it makes them look cool to their friends.

If you’re looking at an example of a perfect mesh of video virality, the Budweiser advertisement from the 2016 Superbowl is perfect. A tiny mule helps herd the much larger Clydesdale horses. As a human couple looks on, they smile saying “that’s true love” while the mule brings two horses together and the horses nuzzle. After that, the advertisement adds social currency by providing information about an equine therapy non-profit. This video hits every virality button.

It tells a love story that appeals to the fundamental human desire for relationships. It leverages the triggers of social awareness through the partnership with the non-profit group which also gives the advertisement the practical value and social currency of insider information about a new way to help people and feel good about themselves.

So, what can you do with your marketing videos to make them viral?

Appeal to the heart by telling stories. Telling a story people want to share means creating a video that matches market values and endorses individual identity creating social currency. Start with things to which basic human emotions are drawn in order to build a relationship with your customers. Focus less on your product and more on the emotional connection your demographic has to an idea. There’s a million beers in the world, but only one has really fluffy horses.


Appeal to the hand by making people feel as though buying your product. It has a greater purpose than owning something and leads them to act on their emotional beliefs. People distinguish your product or service as something that adds value to their lives or to their identity. They will act on their desires more. This action is exactly what will motivate their desire to spend money. It is what your video marketing can do to enhance your product sales.

Appeal to the head by planning a series of advertising videos that all correspond to the same story or characters. This kind of forward thinking will help keep your product in your market’s minds even between video releases.

Apply the “heart, hand, head” marketing strategy to the six tips of video virality. You can effectively manage your marketing demographic into purchasing your product or service.

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