If you are an avid reader of technology news, you’d know that health and fitness bands are on the rise and the latest list of Startup 500 comprises health products scattered all over from top to bottom. This is because people are getting more health and fitness conscious and what to keep you better informed about the status of your physique than a simple device that you can wrap around your wrist.

To keep your fitness level in check you need something that you can carry on you all the times and this is exactly why we are recommending these top 3 trending fitness bands for fitness freaks and body conscious people.

3. FitBit Blaze | $200

FitBit Blaze Watches

FitBit Blaze is a fine blend of price and usability between Apple Watch and Pebble Time Round. That doesn’t mean that the smart watch doesn’t offer you unique features. There are a wide variety of bands to go along with equally dashing frames to suit your personality. Secondly, the Blaze enjoys a cute color touchscreen, with various customization options (not to mention it also shows time). Moreover, the display also capable of calling your phone, sending texts on it or deliver calendar jobs. However, the best feature that really kicked off this product is FitBit’s subscription-based service called FitStar, which keeps your workouts and heart rate in check. The only setback is you will need your phone on your all the times to track your navigation based data.

2. Mira Vivid Wellness | $169

Mira Vivid Wellness Collection

Here is something that is specifically made for women’s taste. While fitness bands are modernized to appear fit on any wrist, some women still want everything they wear to depict their feminist side. Mira brings Vivid Wellness fitness bands to keep the women fit and stylized as well. The bracket you see in the pictures are available in “heart of gold” and “rose” finish. Once you put it on, Vivid band monitors how much calories you have burned through walking or running; so basically tracks how much distance you have traveled. Unlike other fitness bands, Mira Vivid Wellness collection’s tracker is hidden inside it so it appears less like a band (device) and more like a bracelet (jewelry). The latest Mira bands are yet to arrive in the market but you can buy the previous collection.

1. Misfit Ray | $100 (Preorder)

Misfit Ray

Why are we putting Misfit Ray on the top our list? Because it can last as long as six months without requiring a recharge. Longevity matters, not only in mobile phone batteries but fitness bands as well. The Ray doesn’t have an extra-large large battery, it extends the charge by cleverly putting the tracker device to sleep during the period of inactivity. The design is also unique. It is modern, slim, and with a kind of “The Matrix” like aurora about it. I know you are impressed, but we are not done counting the best features. Misfit Ray bands are waterproof for down to 50 meters of depth and can fit into many types of accessories. If you feel it’s not doing the charm on your wrist, hang it on your neck like a necklace and no one will even notice it’s actually a wristband.

In this Top 3, we kept ourselves bound to fitness bands only. But in future posts, we will also list other health gadgets as well. Stay tuned till then and stay healthy!

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