Everybody wants to be in the top of YouTube. But there are no quick results anywhere. Getting to the top of YouTube optimizes the cost of video views and accelerates the approach of the payback point of the video with further earnings. For entrepreneurs, YouTube web video production is an additional sales channel, an opportunity to build a visual and confidential communication with clients. But what do you need to do to get to the top of YouTube in 2018? Let’s find it out.

#1. Choose the Right Keys

Choose the keys according to which you will create your video. Do not be guided by the search. Studies show that in 2018, the main traffic will come from similar (recommended) videos. In your video production, your marketing efforts should be focused on the YouTube recommendations and adjusting your videos to the current trends. Here are some points on how to do that:

  • Determine what a video you want to create
  • Find YouTube channels that are similar to your with good performance
  • Analyze their keys and select high-frequency ones
  • Create a video title with an exact key entry, taking into account the specifics of your video and the channel as a whole

#2. Create High-Quality Videos

Viewers want HD videos only. So you need to create a quality video that will win your audience. Sound, image, and content should be at the highest level. If one of the components is bad, your chances of getting into the YouTube leaders are reduced significantly.

  • Sound quality. Record a sound using a good mic, so that the video does not have any noises.
  • Image quality. Use the correct light and professional video editing with color correction.
  • Contents. Your video should have a catchy intro, miniatures to catch the viewer’s attention, good dynamics to hold attention and most importantly, you should have a sense of the video.

#3. Set up a Video SEO

As we said, in 2018, online marketing should aim not at search traffic but at traffic from similar and recommended videos. So here are some steps regarding SEO:

  • Title. Analyze similar channels that are just evolving but already have good views. Analyze the keys, improve them and use in your marketing promotion.
  • Description. An effective, simple and short description is necessary for YouTube to index your video and understand which type of content you belong to. After indexing, YouTube will send it to similar videos.
  • Tags. Tags help you index your video for similar content. The scheme of work on the selection of tags is the same as for key queries. Analyze competitors and improve the tags that they use.

This is a very useful video about SEO that worth your watching:

#4. Upload Videos According to the Clear Schedule

We already found out that the video ranking is affected by the retention, involvement, and dynamics of the traffic. Dynamics allows you to gain millions of views, even with minimal SEO optimization. So, the frequency of uploading a video on YouTube affects just the dynamics of traffic.

  • Do not break the schedule. If you take a break for 1-2 weeks, then your new videos will lose in dynamics and it will be very difficult to overclock the channel again.
  • The bigger, the better. The frequency of uploading a video depends on your format. But do not sacrifice the length of the video for the sake of quantity.

The more videos you upload, the faster the confidence in your channel grows. The audience from around the world will appreciate your efforts and will start giving their feedback in the form of comments, subscriptions, likes and shares.

#5. Increase Video Views

For TOP of YouTube, it is not enough to create HD video and put relevant tags. In addition to this, your digital marketing strategy must have several promotion channels. Depending on the subjects of your content, it can be Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Telegram channel, etc. Social media marketing have ample opportunities for the spreading the video content and the development of its popularity. As much as it may sound, it is very difficult to achieve the TOP of YouTube with the help of YouTube only.


2018 will be incredibly competitive in the YouTube space. The main goal of your online video marketing is to motivate the viewer to watch the video to the end, show activity (likes, comments, shares), subscribe to the channel and watch as many videos as possible. YouTube will find you interesting for the viewer and useful for itself and raise your rating in the search. With the above steps by Digitallagos, YouTube TOP is just around the corner!

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