YouTube is one of the most competitive platforms for bloggers and one of the most effective online video marketing tools. This combines the entire range of content, which can be: photo, video, audio and text. You need to make it all to create a good channel. This may seem difficult to you at the very beginning but when you master the basic rules of promoting a blog on YouTube, it will start to bring you fun and, actually, some money. Let’s see how to promote Youtube vlog from scratch.

Make a Good Content

Any advertising methods and any video marketing agency are ineffective if shoot bad content for YouTube. Unfortunately, most of the newcomers face this problem even if they do not suspect it. So first you need to make sure that your content is interesting for someone.

Statistics of the service can be for youtubers both motivating and depressing at the same time. Every day, 1 billion viewers watch 4 billion videos. What does it mean? You have to deal with crazy competition in the web video production industry.

Gone are the days when bloggers with low quality videos became popular just because they showed something new. Now it is really difficult to find a new topic. Even if you think that your content is unique, most likely, it has already been shot by other people. Therefore, you just need to make it better and add your own share of originality.

Practical advice: Follow a few steps to make sure that your content is interesting to people:

  1. Learn the popularity of the topic
  2. Learn the target audience
  3. Conduct a survey to know that is interesting to viewers

These simple steps will help you avoid the most disappointing mistake of all beginners of YouTube – investing bad content. But with a reasonable approach and our advice, you can easily promote Youtube vlog and make it popular and profitable.

Take Your Time to Learning

If you watch and read the most famous bloggers, they will surely tell you the story about how they started filming for YouTube while being teenagers at a time when nobody was making money on it. Unfortunately, we can not turn back time and now we have to play by the new rules.

Practical advice: Read articles on marketing, study the activities of other bloggers, watch other people’s works and constantly try to learn new information. This will help you not only to popularize your blog but also to stay in the trend when you become popular. You can use YouTube to obtain targeted information.

Spend Money on Marketing

Back to the question that content is not enough for the rapid development of the blog. You can become popular on YouTube without the funds for advertising only if you already have an audience that will come to your video blog. But we are considering how to become popular from scratch.

Practical advice: Promote your channel on YouTube through campaigns, collaborate with other bloggers, use social networks – these are the main tools of the popular channel.

How Do Your Subscribers React?

Do not believe the vicious comments of Instagram stars that it is not worth reading the comments. The main rule of activity on YouTube is that you should never ignore the reaction of your subscribers. When you are trying to promote Youtube vlog, pay heed to what your viewers say. Even if it’s hayters (well, not always). Carefully follow the opinion of the majority to find out which videos should be film and what to consider when releasing a new video.

Practical advice: Respond to positive comments as often as possible, mention your subscribers in the following videos and let them know that you can hear them and appreciate their support.

Make Them Comment and Subscribe

Especially when you only have a couple dozen subscribers. First, do not act like superstar having a hundreds of thousands of views. On the contrary, answer all the positive viewers and thank for the feedback. Ask people to subscribe to you and leave comments. Even the most popular corporate video film makers do it.

Practical advice: This may seem bothersome but it does work. Remind viewers that they can subscribe to your channel, like and comment.

By following these simple rules, you can make your channel popular and monetize it for 4-7 months. Of course, this figure is individual and depends on your individual qualities and efforts. For example, some bloggers may become popular in 1 month, and some do not do this for several years. In any case, remember that you should make that content that is interesting to you and your corporate video production will be top-notch quality. So, try your best and promote Youtube vlog for the best results.

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