YouTube channel name is what your visitors see first. They decide whether to continue searching your channel or not, click on it in the search results or scroll down the page.

The correct name will promote your channel itself. Each time, entering a key phrase, subscribers will find you.

What Should Be the YouTube Channel Name?

There are no clear rules in digital marketing for that. But there are several criteria. Make your name:

  • Understandable
  • Original
  • Memorable

If you are already sitting for an hour (a day or maybe a month?) in front of the blank sheet, use these simple YouTube channel name tips.

  1. Make it Short

Pay attention to the YouTube channel names list of TOP popular channels. What unites them? Right, they are short. Because such names are easy to remember and find. A good option is to name the YouTube channel in one word.

  1. Create a Name based on the Goal

As a rule, people watch videos in order to learn something, relax or have fun. What do you bet on? And what videos will you create? They can be educational or motivational videos, reviews, entertainment shows. Name your channel according to your intentions.

  1. Take into Account the Interest of Your Audience

Make a portrait of your buyers. Think about what they want to achieve, what difficulties they encounter, what they are looking for. And based on this, think of the name.

  1. Analyze the Competition

Study popular channels and choose the most interesting and revealing names. Try to understand their approach and apply it to your online marketing campaign. But remember about YouTube channel name copyright!

  1. Look to the Future of Your Channel

Definitely, your channel will be popular. But not at once. Building your video marketing strategy, think about what you want to implement in the future and choose a name based on this. So, you do not need to change your name after a year and confuse existing subscribers.

  1. Use Rhymes

This is a really gorgeous way to create cool YouTube channel names. Yes, it is difficult to come up with rhymes, but they are used by popular brands, bloggers, filmmakers. Not a YouTube channel name generator. Rhymes.

  1. Use the Word Game

YouTube is basically an entertainment resource. So, apart from all the others YouTube channel name ideas, the pun will help attract the attention of your visitors.

  1. Use Alliteration

It is the reiteration of identical or similar consonants. Its main advantage is the ease of memorizing. For example, Coca-Cola.

  1. Use an Oxymoron

This is an expression that contains contradictory concepts. Thanks to the connection of the incompatible, our brain stops on this phrase and tries to present it. This turns on the creative right cerebral hemisphere and arouses our interest. For example, the end of eternity, a true lie, back to the future.

  1. Use Humor

Humor is popular. And if you can come up with a cool amusing name, your subscribers will like you.

Wrap Up

Let’s be honest. Sometimes the proper video content quality, the frequency of publications, the optimization of the title and the video descriptions are much more important in social media marketing. But the name of the YouTube channel is an additional factor that will help you promote it. All together will be the key to your success.

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