Productivity means increasing the efficiency of your working speed, organizing your stuff and doing things in a smarter way. After conducting thorough research, here’s our pick of top 5 productivity tools that you will also like.


Evernote is the most popular note-taking app on both Play Store, App Store, and even on the web. The reason behind the success is its time management and organization tools. You can use it to make fast notes, create to-do lists, snap pictures and turn any of them into reminders. The cloud-based app self-synchronizes through all the platforms, so whether you took a note on your tablet, smartphone, PC, or notebook; the contents of the notes will be instantly available on all of them. Doesn’t matter where you go, Evernote is always with you. If there’s something interesting enough, you can share it with your friends as well.

Hemingway App

Hemingway app

Most think that Hemingway is a grammar app, but the truth is it just helps you write clearer and bolder just like it says. The app will not correct your grammar and spelling mistakes but it will tell you what are the better words to use and when to cut-off adverbs. Hemingway also indicates if your sentences are too short and simple or too long and complex.

Pomodoro Time

Pomodoro time app

There are countless apps on Play Store that claim to be like this app , but the true Pomodoro Time is only available at the app store and it’s quite popular. Users love it because it is the best time management app that can do the wonders for you, especially when it comes to improving your focus. You can create multiple tasks, allocate time to them and  it is done. Now you have to hit start whenever you perform a test, Pomodoro does the rest for you. You can track your daily progress, weekly progress, monthly progress and calculate your working efficiency.


Canva app

Canva is a designing software that is available on both web and smartphones. It is an amazingly simple software to create cards, flyers, posters, banners, resumes, certificates, infographics, photo colleges, book, magazine & album covers, presentations, social media graphics, business cards, letterheads, postcards and much much more. It integrates a free photo editor with many filters and effects.


DropBox app

For those who don’t know, DropBox is a free online storage service that you can use to store almost anything. The best thing about DropBox is that you can put file of any size on your free 2GB storage whether they are multiple files of various sizes or a one big 1.99GB file, the choice is yours. Sharing options are also available, better, you can create public links as well so anyone can download your shared file. But keep in mind the bandwidth is limited to 10,000GB per day. I wanted to put DropBox on the second position on our top 5 productivity app list, but it has done something naughty and deserves the punishment to be the last. Previously you could host .html files as web pages, but this feature is going away.

I hope you like our pick of top 5 productivity tools. We are sure these can make your life better, faster, and more manageable.

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