YouTube has held its throne as the primary source for video content on the internet since it’s introduction in 2005 and is considered the second largest search engine. There are over 1 billion users on YouTube and the site averages over 5 billion daily views.  That means you should develop a YouTube channel if you want more people to know about you. YouTube’s popularity and visibility offer users incredible opportunities when it comes to visibility, reach and gaining viewer loyalty. It also goes without saying that with that large of viewership it can be challenging to stand out from the crowded content. In fact, creating a successful YouTube channel can often cost a considerable investment or require an established visible presence or celebrity status. 

There are a few ways that everyday YouTubers, brands, businesses, and entrepreneurs can create a growing and successful YouTube channel that acquires thousands of subscribers and daily visitors. Here are the essential tactics and best practices to develop a YouTube channel that earns subscribers, encourages audience engagement and keeps viewers coming back. After you’ve created a Google account for your YouTube channel: 

Best Tips to Develop a YouTube Channel

Outline Your Plan: When you are going to develop a YouTube channel, it’s important to map out what your goals are for your video channel in terms of the look, language, content, and frequency of your video marketing strategy. The more frequently you post, the more content your channel will have. The higher amount of content will increase your visibility and provide your users with a higher catalog of content to choose from. Pay attention to keywords in the titles and descriptions to help with the rankings.

Consider Your Audience: Your video may not be for everyone, and your video marketing strategy should reflect this when it comes to web video production. Focus on your target audience and specifically point out which viewers would enjoy or benefit from your video content and speak directly to them. Using language that appeals to them and visuals that appeal will engage your audience and keep them coming back for more.

Educate and Entertain: The most important piece of the video is the content to keep them engaged. You want to make sure that the pieces entertain but also provide valuable information. This will set you apart from other competitors. The quality of your content outweighs the quantity every time. Also, remind your audience to subscribe in each video. 

Invest in Marketing: Your video marketing strategy is extremely important. A majority of your time and money should go into marketing your content. It is not enough to develop a YouTube channel. Once you’ve uploaded your video to YouTube, make sure to advertise and disperse the link wherever you can. It is also suggested to include a link to your new YouTube video on all of your social platforms. 

What to learn from Gary Vaynerchuck’s YouTube Channel?

One of the best examples of a successful YouTube Channel is Gary Vaynerchuck. His channel is viral among the entrepreneur and business leader community. It provides insight and information based on Gary Vee’s personal experience.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s YouTube Channel is cleverly titled The Gary Vee Video Experience. The branding is engaging and entertaining and consistent with every video, with new posts every day. This YouTube channel has garnered over 1.7 million subscribers with thousands of videos. Its videos touch almost every topic that entrepreneurs, startups, or others might be interested in watching. His average viewership is anywhere between 10K views and 3.4 million views with thousands of comments and shares.

Vaynerchuck posts clips of the videos on all of his social platforms to add to his content strategy. Consider Gary Vee’s continued success with his YouTube channel. This will help you in planning out things you can copy from his video marketing strategy. Mainly those things that would engage your audience and increase views and subscribers.

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